When the child asked: Where did the baby born?You can answer him like this

"The wind comes from where, how can the bones grow in the pregnant woman’s fetus, you still don’t know, so, in this way, you don’t know the actions of all the gods of things."

This is a verse in the Bible "Ecclesiastes"."Ecclesiasted Book" was written 3000 years ago. It was a wisdom book in the Bible. In the era when medicine was underdeveloped at the time, how to take the fetus in the abdomen of the mother could not be known.So, today, with the rapid development of science and technology, can we clearly know the incident of "how the bones grow in the fetus of a pregnant woman"?

Let’s take a look at how this new knowledge picture book —– "Miracle of Life".

"Miracle of Life" from a simple perspective, combined with rigorous popular science and interesting customs and folklore around the world, with easy -to -understand language, with weird but fully convey emotional illustrations, human conception, pregnant, production, parenting, parentingThe whole process analyzes the readers one by one.

The writer of "Miracle of Life" is Lotley Zvigman.He is a well -known literary writer in the Netherlands and has won the Dutch "Golden Owl Literature Award".His text is vivid and interesting, imaginative, this can be fully felt in "The Miracle of Life".

Sashafras Dibn is a young painter in Belgium. She graduated from Antwerp Saint Lucas Academy in 2013.Her painting is full of classic atmosphere, with simple lines, clear outlines, and warm colors. She makes illustrations for children and youth theaters who are full -time children and youth theaters, and also draws illustrations for other people’s works.

The book "The Miracle of Life" is worth reading because it has the following characteristics: it is good to read and practical

When I first took "the Miracle of Life", I was attracted by its cover.

The background color of the goose yellow made me feel comfortable and warm, and the strange and strange villains and objects on the cover seized my attention.

The title of the book —- "Miracle of Life" several large characters in the middle of the cover, those villains and small objects form a invisible circle around the cover text.The entire cover composition is in line with the aesthetic principles, and it gives people visually.

Open "The Miracle of Life", the illustrations in it suddenly grabbed my attention. They reminded me of Picasso’s modernist painting style. This painting style is not in painting, but to fully convey emotions.The text cannot be expressed as the pole, and painting can make up for it.

When a cracked mother, when you see this painting, can you feel the pain of being torn and split when women produce?

The food that mothers consume have a great impact on the nutritional ingredients and tastes of breast milk!

The opening of the round belly fully showed the infinite curiosity and unremitting inquiry about the incident of conceiving for thousands of years.

In the swimming pool -like belly, we can imagine how the fetus is free in the amniotic fluid of the mother’s belly.

A dead old man turned into a plant, and he grew a baby next to him.Regarding the reincarnation of life, the endless legends are described in this picture.

And these weird and weird illustrations bring a strong sense of impact to our vision.

It is worth mentioning that "The Miracle of Life" is a hardcover picture book. The cover uses hard cardboard. The inner page uses thick glue paper, and it has a heavy texture on the hand.When we look through, we gently rubbing the slightly rough texture pages, accompanied by the ink’s fragrance, it will produce a feeling of peace of mind and warmth.

The design of the inner page is also very careful. According to different content, the inner page uses different bottoms of paper.The different colors of these pages are fresh and soft, so that when we read, we seem to take the time machine to shuttle in different countries.

Generally speaking, many new science popularization books can make people feel a little difficult, and various professional terms often dizzy ordinary readers.But "The Miracle of Life" is easy to understand, making people feel interesting.

"The Miracle of Life" has four chapters of sons, expectations, birth, and parenting. At the beginning of each chapter, Lorert has arranged a small folk story about fertility.The exotic scene description is attracted to people all of a sudden.

The folk legends, folk customs, and various cold knowledge recorded in the world recorded in "The Miracle of Life" are also a major highlight of this book: in ancient legends in France and Russia, children grew from cabbage.The medieval Dutch said to the curious children: "Children are picked from the tree" and German and Danish children will believe that their younger brothers and sisters are sitting on the wings of the birds.

In India, some couples will use 11 biscuits to ask the gods of fertility in Dhara and Asani; Moroccan women will ask for help like the Gulan scholars.When a woman stuffs this note into the necklace, she will definitely get pregnant.Some people even ask Santa Claus.This is really incredible.

In ancient customs, toads and women have a close connection: Catholic women will make candles or silver into a baby or a toad image as a wish for their sons;Doctors compare women’s uterus to a round wart toad.They claim that if a woman is not pregnant, the toad will feel empty and hungry, scrambles in the woman’s body, and finally eat her brain.In the past, the doctor dripped a woman’s urine on the pituitary gland of a dead frog or a dead toad. If the pituitary gland turned green, it showed that the woman was pregnant.The principle of this operation method is the same as whether pregnant women are pregnant with pregnancy test strips.

In Tanzania, some pregnant women often eat a little soil. If they are hungry, they will even eat claymal tableware; this is because they lack certain nutrients in their bodies.

In the past Germany, they believe that pregnant women will love stealing things like magpies. Some pregnant women only like to eat their stolen soaps, chalk or tea cups. Doctors call this weird desire for "pregnancy differential".The stolen vendors often choose to open one eye and close one eye. At that time, pregnant women would not be punished.

There is such a legend about the arms of the pregnant woman’s bakery: There is a pregnant woman who wants to bite the breader 3, and the breader in the first 2 below agrees, but at the third time, the breader drove her away.Later, the woman gave birth to 3 children.The first two are healthy, but the third one is dead.This story shows that no matter what pregnant women ask you what you want, you must satisfy her.

Lotley also uses easy -to -understand words to replace difficult medical terms.For example, Lockri uses the image of "mucus" to replace the "cervical plug" used by doctors, which makes us understand more easily that when the child’s birth alarm sounds, what is falling off.

The text of "The Miracle of Life" has both literary aesthetics and philosophical depth. Let us feel that the teeth are fragrant and endless when reading: in the sky, the bats fly around in the moonlight and capture the moths.The stars move slowly, slower than the clockwise clockwise.She felt extremely tired, her body seemed to be torn plants. Only when I torn it out can I complete the long breeding life. No matter what kind of situation will there be in the future, remember that you are a miracle of life.The life of a person is changing at any time. Its direction depends on what experience and the people they met. No one has been arranged for everything since birth.Some doctors even believe that childhood is a long -term disease.

Although science and technology and medicine have developed to such a level, everyone still has a lot of confusion about raw children.This is why the price of Yueyue is now rising.In fact, most of the current Yuexun only guides new mothers to raise babies based on experience, and they often make mistakes.

If a expectant mother can read "The Miracle of Life" during pregnancy, she will avoid a lot of pit on the parenting road.

Is the earliest milk secreted by the breast yellow and viscous, can’t you drink it?In fact, this is the most valuable colostrum. It is full of various healthy substances, which can help newborn attack bacteria and make their intestines work properly.

Feeling that the milk is not enough, the baby is not enough.Don’t worry, "The Miracle of Life" tells us that each mother’s body can produce milk that the baby needs.Moreover, breast milk contains hundreds of substances that help babies grow and maintain healthy. Milcities secreted by the mother at night also contain hypnotic ingredients, which can ensure that the baby is calm and satisfied.

Standing or squatting to have children is more convenient and fast than lying and having a baby. Unfortunately, doctors in modern medicine are gentlemen who are graceful and knowledgeable. They are unwilling to kneel on dry grass piles and wait for the baby to be born. Therefore, as modern womenWe have to lie down and have a baby.

The fetus can hear the mother’s heartbeat, the buzz in the throat, and the grunting of the belly in the throat. Their eyes can perceive the sun.Happy mood.

What impressed me most was that in the opening story of "Parenting" in Chapter 4 of "The Miracle of Life", the woman with exhausted, black eyes, and messy hair.

Yes, when you give birth to a baby, he becomes your master. You have to serve him day and night. No one in the world can resist the deafening scream from the cradle.

So, are you ready?If you are ready, you will be bravely given birth to him, and become such a strong female superman in the future!

As said in "The Miracle of Life", "Life is long, no matter what kind of situation will there be in the future, please remember that you are a miracle of life."

Yes, our existence itself is a precious thing."The Miracle of Life" brings the Chinese people who have always been taboos and children who have always been taboo.Every woman is a hero in raising children, and they have paid a lot, and they should be respected and respected.

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