When the pregnancy starts, many pregnant mothers can’t figure it out!Learn to calculate yourself, the production inspection is used!

Now after pregnancy, the pregnancy test is indispensable, and the time of pregnancy examination arrangements is based on the weeks of pregnancy. For example, NT examinations are performed at 11-13 weeks, and Tang screening tests are performed at 15-20 weeks.Therefore, in order to be able to go to the birthday at the accurate time, pregnant mothers must understand their gestational week, that is, they must know that when they are pregnant, they start to calculate.

Some people think that this problem is not easy. This is really not simple. Many pregnant mothers do not know what day they are pregnant.Many pregnant mothers think that the day of the same room began to calculate. If there were the same room in that day, can you know the winning prize?

So how to calculate the pregnancy time?

The days of pregnancy are calculated through menstruation. If menstruation is regular, this is good.For women with menstruation, ovulation is also very regular. In this way, it starts according to the first day of menstruation before pregnancy. After seven days, it is a gestational week and 40 gestational weeks.

However, to mention here, even if the menstruation is regular, the due date calculated according to the above method is also a reference date. Only very few pregnant mothers will give birth on the day of the due date.However, with this due date, there is a standard. Most pregnant mothers will give birth around the week before and after the due date.If it is not normal too early or too late, it needs to be paid attention.

Another thing to note is that the menstrual rules mentioned above are not only the same time each time, but also requires 28 days each time.If the interval is the same, but it is less than 28 days or less, and it cannot be calculated according to this method, and the calculations are not allowed.

How can women with irregular menstruation calculated the date of pregnancy?

For women with irregular menstruation, it is troublesome to calculate the days of pregnancy. It is not accurate to use the method above. If you want to be accurate, you need to go to the hospital for early pregnancy ultrasound examination.This is best to check for 6-8 weeks after menopause. This period of menopause is also the first day of the last menstruation.Through this inspection, one is to check whether you are an ectopic pregnancy, and the other is to let the doctor speculate on your due date according to the ultrasound result.

Some pregnant mothers are more careless, I can’t remember the days of my last menstruation, and I have not done ultrasound in the early stages of pregnancy.Due to due date.This method is even more inaccurate.

So when you are preparing for your baby, you must not be careless. Remember that your own day of menstruation every month on the first day of menstruation is okay. It doesn’t matter if you are not pregnant.It is speculated that the date of pregnancy is greatly useful.

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