When the pregnant mother is pregnant, these four types of work are recommended to be suspended, and the fetus hurts himself.

Nowadays, women can play in the workplace more and more. Many pregnant mothers also work like a "desperate third mother" after pregnancy and do not leave their jobs.For "strong women", pregnancy is just the weight gain, and work cannot be delayed.

Pregnant mothers are so desperate to maintain their livelihood. After all, the children’s milk powder, urine, and education after birth are a lot of expenses.

Xinxin is a salesperson of an insurance company. She has been pregnant for 6 months, but she is still in the post of work.

As insurance sales, the wind is not avoided all day long. It is often necessary to come to the door to sell. The customer has to rush over with a phone call. These are not easy for pregnant mothers.

A client a few days ago, a client was eager to sign the contract. Only the weekend lunch break was free. Xinxin should have rest at home on weekends, but holding a bunch of contract information, walking under the scorching sun at noon, she hurried to the ground, and she was late.Ten minutes.

Xinxin was busy apologizing to the customer and laughed. As a result, the customer did not know a little about the pregnant woman, but instead showed Xinxin’s face, and she said nothing.

After signing the contract, Xinxin walked out of the office building, and his grievances immediately came up. Wow, he cried.After returning home, thinking of his experience today, he decided to resign and did not do it. After giving birth to a child, he would talk to the child for a few years.

The resignation report was written. As a result, the next morning, I woke up early as always. Thinking of the various expenses of the child after the birth of the child in the future, threw away the resignation report and went to work again.

Due to the nature of Xinxin’s work, he needed to run the business all day. One day he fainted directly under the sun, and his colleagues quickly took a taxi to send her to the hospital.

Fortunately, there is no major in time to send it. The doctor’s diagnosis is overworked, and the doctor said that if it continues to do so, it is likely to have a miscarriage.

Xinxin woke up and thought that she was almost afraid of miscarriage. In the end, she learned the lesson and finally decided to quit her job and concentrate on raising her tires at home.

1) Physical aspect

Pregnancy is very healthy for the pregnant mother itself. If you continue to work, the body is difficult to bear, which is not good for the health of the fetus.A British study found that if you continue to work after 8 months of pregnancy, it will delay the development of the fetus, and even the degree of harm is equivalent to smoking.

2) Psychological aspect

Women after pregnancy will produce a variety of complex psychological changes in themselves. In addition, some work content is affected by physical restrictions, which will increase the work performance.Emotions further affect the development of the fetus.

1) It takes a long time to work for physical labor

Frequent walking and standing for a long time, such as work guide, cashier, salesperson, etc., will cause the lower limb edema of the pregnant mother, the contraction of the uterus, and increase the probability of abortion.Frequent bending and squatting movements can compress the abdomen and uterus, affect the circulation of blood, and easily lead to bleeding or miscarriage.

2) Work that gets along with animals

Because the animals will carry a variety of bacteria and viruses, especially many of the hair. Once the pregnant mother is in contact, these will be passed on the fetus through you, which will cause malformations.Pregnant mothers who are engaged in animal doctors, animal breeders, animal cleaners and other related work, if they cannot avoid contact with animals, they must take protective measures.

3) The work of contacting physical factors

In physical factors such as radiation, noise, high fever, ultrasonic waves, we cannot see this thing, but it is a "invisible killer", which is huge in harm to the mother and fetus.Pregnant mothers who work will be directly affected.

4) The work of contacting chemical factors

Formaldehyde, pesticides, sewage, cosmetics and other chemical factors are harmful to ordinary people, not to mention that pregnant mothers and fetuses, pregnant mothers who work in laboratories, chemical plants, manufacturing plants and other related work are vulnerable to harm.

After accumulation of these physical and chemical elements, it is likely to cause fetal malformations, mentally retarded, and life -threatening.For the health and safety of the fetus and mother, it is necessary to take a rest or resignation in these tasks.

For women, it is important to have their own job to play their role, but after pregnancy, the baby is the most important.If the work of pregnant mothers is not good for the health of the fetus, it is better to suspend it as soon as possible.

Moms, will you suspend or quit jobs because of pregnancy and having children?Welcome everyone to leave a message to share and discuss together.

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