When women get ovulation, there will be these 6 reactions, which is obvious

For women with a normal menstrual cycle, the ovulation period is 14 to 16 days before the next menstruation. This is a good time for conception. After the eggs are discharged, it can survive in the fallopian tube for 1 to 2 days. At this time, sexual life can be combined with sperm to form formedFertilization eggs.In fact, women will also have obvious reactions during ovulation. Careful observation can find clues.

1. Bleeding during ovulation and rising body temperature

The ovarian is in charge of the secretion of endocrine hormones. The amount of estrogen secretion in the body fluctuates greatly before and after ovulation, which can cause a small amount of uterine bleeding.After ovulation, the progesterone is secreted in large quantities, which can increase the base temperature.Women do not do any activities after waking up every morning, insist on measured the basal body temperature, and can find out the ovulation period according to changes in body temperature.

2. Decreased appetite

After studying, during a menstrual cycle, during ovulation, women’s meals were the lowest.

3. High sexual desire rises

By ovulation, sexual desire becomes extremely strong, which is a signal that eager to get pregnant.In addition, energy will become extremely strong. In order to successfully attract the opposite sex, women will become energetic and like to highlight and express themselves.

4. Decrease in resistance

The vaginal mucus during ovulation becomes thin and transparent, mainly for sperm to pass through, increasing its chance of conception.In addition, the nasal mucus will follow the decrease, which causes bacteria or viruses to take advantage of it, and it is easy to enter the circulatory system, leading to various diseases.

5. Increase vaginal secretions

The vaginal discharge before ovulation is reduced, showing viscous and opaque.When the ovulation period is approaching, the vaginal secretion increases, and it is thin and milky white.There will be more and more secretions during ovulation, and it is transparent and clear like water. When wiping with your fingers, you can appear similar to egg -shaped mucus.

6. Anal fall or pain in the lower abdomen

After the ovarian matures, it will be discharged from the ovarian surface. At this time, it will break through a layer of film filter on the surface of the eggs. A small amount of liquid in the foam may flow into the lowest part of the pelvic cavity, causing the anus to have a slight inferiority and pain on the lower abdomen on one side.

When ovulation, the secretions are increased. Pay attention to local cleaning and hygiene, and use warm water to clean the local cleaning to prevent the dust from entering.Wipe from going back after each urination.You cannot share the bathtubs and towels with others during ovulation to prevent cross -infection.During this period, drink plenty of water, eat more green leaves and fruits, as well as soybean or soy products to promote follicle development and improve egg quality.

Kind tips

The ovulation period needs to be calm, rest more in bed to avoid heavy physical labor and severe exercise, so as not to cause stomach pain.Avoid staying up late and ensure sufficient sleep.

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