When you come, really come, friends who like spicy food, share a spicy stir -fried waist today …

Xiaoda teaches you to make food: spicy waist flowers.When fried waist flowers, some people simmer the water, and some people are frying directly.Teach you the correct practice, delicious and meals!Recently I wanted to eat spicy vegetables, so I decided to make spicy stir -fried waist.Two pig waist, spent a total of 25 yuan, simply stir -fry is delicious dish.Today, I will share the common practices of pig waist, and learn this trick to ensure that it is not fishy and not as delicious.Many people like to eat spicy fried waist, but they can’t make the taste of the restaurant, because it is a key step.First soak the pork waist in the salt water for 10 minutes, which can not only remove blood, but also greatly reduce the smell.When cleaning the pig’s waist, you must pay attention to the white ribs.After removing the ribs, the pig’s waist has no odor.Many people ignore this step. No wonder it tastes bad.When cutting the pig’s waist, cut it from the middle to expose the white ribs, and then remove it.This step is critical, otherwise the pig waist will have a odor.Cut the pork waist into a cross -knife, do not cut off.Cut it horizontally, then cut it up, cut off every 4 knife every 4 knife, so that you can make beautiful waist flowers.Put the cut waist flower in water and wash it, and wash it a few more times until the blood disappears.Add green onion ginger wine and marinate for 20 minutes to remove the fishy smell.Take a small bowl and add sugar, chicken essence, salt, oyster sauce, extremely fresh flavor, rice vinegar, starch, and stir well for later use.Wash the green pepper, cut into small sections, and cut some garlic grains for later use.Take out the marinated waist flower out of the green onion and ginger, add an appropriate amount of salt, a small amount of starch and white pepper, and stir well until the pork waist hangs slurry.Heat the pot, add an appropriate amount of oil, rotate the pot, and apply the oil evenly on the pan.Then add the waist flower and stir fry quickly until the color changes.This step is critical to ensure the tender taste of the pork waist.Add the pot, add oil, add onion, ginger, garlic and pepper after heating, and fry.Then add the waist flower and the adjusted ingredients, stir fry over high heat until evenly.Finally, turn off the heat and make it out.Such a plate of crispy and fresh spicy waist flowers is ready. Not only is it dinner, but you can also enjoy it with beer.Pork waist is more delicious than prawns, and it is better than the restaurant.If you want to eat spicy stir -fry waist flowers, but don’t know what to do, you can learn my lazy way.The pork waist made of this is not only crispy and tender, but also very delicious.Tips: 1. Soak the pork waist with fresh saline for 10 minutes to remove blood.2. Be sure to remove the ribs, which is the source of the fishy smell of the pork waist.3. Add the pork waist and marinate the green onion ginger wine for 20 minutes to remove the fishy smell.4. Slide the pork waist until the color is changed, and then add the green pepper and stir fry. This can prevent the pork waist be old and the taste is tender.If you want to eat spicy stir -fried waist flowers, but do not know what to do, you can send me privately, I will send you a tutorial.Thank you for your support, see you next time!

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