When you encounter uterine fibroids during pregnancy, should this child flow or be able to stay?

So far, it has been some time since the national second -child policy.Now more and more eligible couples are already actively preparing for the second child.However, many practical factors in life often disrupt our planning plans.For example, such a problem, when I encountered uterine fibroids during pregnancy, should this still flow or stay?Let me talk to you today.

Many patients with fibroids have reached a state of pregnancy, so this answer is yes.

It has been confirmed by clinical data that patients with uterine fibroids can be pregnant and do not rule out that some fibroid patients may also cause infertility.Unlike ordinary people, the abortion rate of patients with uterine fibroids is higher.The reason may be related to changing the shape of the uterine cavity.

From a pathological perspective, pregnancy and uterine fibroids affect each other.When pregnancy is suffering from uterine fibroids, the fibroids will affect the uterine cavity to a certain extent, which in turn causes the uterine cavity to deform and endometrial lesions.It is possible that the bed that hinders the fertilized eggs affects the development of the fetus, and eventually causes abortion, premature birth, etc.

The estrogen, progesterone and other sex hormones secreted during pregnancy will promote the growth of uterine fibroids, thereby following the possibility of various degenerations and possibilities.Among them, the most common is red degeneration. Patients will have fever, abdominal pain, etc., and finally abortion, premature birth, fetal death, etc.

We mentioned above that if the pregnancy of patients with uterine fibroids is likely to cause adverse effects.But not all pregnant women need to terminate pregnancy, and specifically need to refer to the small, parts of the fibroids, and the physical fitness of pregnant women.

Generally speaking, if the fibroids do not increase significantly (below 5cm), and patients do not have their symptoms, they can maintain their pregnancy state.When fibroids are larger or significantly increased, repeated abortion may occur.It is recommended to terminate pregnancy treatment in the early days, and the first in the middle and late stages will be first -tested.

When pregnant women find that they suffer from uterine fibroids, they do not need excessive concerns.Uterine fibroids do not necessarily need to be removed.

Generally speaking, if submucosal fibroids or large muscle wall fibroids cause adverse effects on their fertility, it is recommended to remove fibroids and then pregnancy.When the fibroids are small and the possibility of growing slowly and without bad changes, you can continue to keep pregnancy and observe and treat fibroids.

Because uterine fibroids can have a certain impact on pregnancy, patients need to pay more attention to pregnancy care in order to go through pregnancy.

1. Early pregnancy prevention of abortion: Generally speaking, fibroids are not obviously uncomfortable with the human body, and do not require intervention in this, otherwise it will easily lead to abortion.It is recommended that patients should rest in bed when there are symptoms such as abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding such as abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding;

2. Prevent premature birth in the middle and late pregnancy: In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, we are often worried about the problem of premature fetal birth.Although special treatment is usually not required, when abnormal excretion or abdominal pain occurs, fibroids need to be removed.

When uterine fibroids appear, you should go to the hospital for professional guidance in time. Doctors will judge your physical condition according to your different circumstances, and whether the pregnancy conditions are qualified. If the doctor allows, then you must do daily care.I believe everyone can spend it steadily.

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