Where did there be so many chicken feet from the vegetable market? Where did the rest of the chickens go?

Nowadays, people’s material living conditions are constantly improving, and the demand for meat is also increasing. It is also trying to eat some parts that people who do n’t eat before.According to people’s preferences, the market also sells many beef, mutton, pork, chicken, etc. according to the living habits and economic foundations of different places.Alas, chicken wings, chicken feet and other places.Chicken feet are people’s favorite parts.

Chicken feet have a certain nutritional value. The collagen content is particularly large. It can be cooked and brushed. There are many ways to practice.The world’s best chicken claw consumption countries. According to relevant data, our Chinese people spend nearly 200 billion chicken feet each year, and they are flattened with chicken wings among all chicken products.Traditional braised chicken feet, soaked chicken feet such as daily casual snacks.The market has also seized people’s hobbies, and continuously provides chicken feet for sale. In order to better sell chicken feet, merchants have made various flavors, in addition to the above traditional braised chicken feet and soaked chicken feet.There are also lemon mixing chicken feet, spicy chicken feet, and boiled chicken feet in winter. The marinade used is getting richer and richer, so that even the leather shoes can be scent.But do you know where the steady chicken feet from the vegetable market came from?Where did the rest of the chicken go?Are they safe or not?

Speaking of which, do you find that the chickens and ducks sold in the roast duck shop and the chicken shop are the whole, while some meat shops and supermarkets can sell various single parts of meat. Why is this why is this?Woolen cloth?Is they unknown?It is because of too much quantity that caused some questions and misunderstandings.For example, in the past few years, KFC, McDonald’s and other fried chicken shops had eight chicken wings, six legs and other remarks, and even pictures, and they grew alive into Nezha!And the publishers of these remarks may not understand the market supply structure, and have doubts about why there are so many chicken feet in the market. Therefore, we also asked the employees in the farm at the farm.reason.

In China, generally small chicken farms can only raise hundreds of chickens in a quarter, and the medium and large are not enough or thousands of.Of course, these farms breeding chickens are not ordinary chickens, but a variety of broilers called white feather chickens. White feathers are a kind of rapidly growing meat chicken in Europe and the United States in the 1940s.Chicken is also constantly cultivating more new varieties. Today, the number of white feather chickens only requires about 40, that is, it is hatched from eggs to adults. It only takes 40 days to go up and down.It can be said that the growth rate can be said to be very fast.When the chicken grows to adulthood, the meat is full, and the farm will initially deal with these chickens and scattered, that is, all the organs are settled, and then sell them to different customers.So for this chicken, in fact, many people also need different parts when they buy. For example, some people choose to buy chicken breasts, some people choose to buy chicken legs, and some people choose to buy some chickensThe internal organs and the like, of course, most people like this chicken feet.

At the same time, the white -feather broiler industry is the most large -scale industry in the Chinese livestock and poultry breeding industry.Large -scale and scientific breeding is more convenient for scientific and systematically managed compared to farmers, which is convenient to introduce and use new technologies in a timely manner, which can greatly reduce costs and improve the production efficiency of livestock and poultry products.At the same time, large -scale farming has ensured product quality and food safety by establishing a sound full quality control and food safety monitoring system.A group of enterprises such as Henan Yongda, Shandong Jiulian, Fujian Shengnong, have become a combined white -feather chicken chicken production and processing enterprise that integrates feed processing, chicken breeding, chicken incubation, chicken breeding, slaughter processing, and product sales.

It can be said that most of the chicken feet in the domestic market can actually have quality assurance. In addition, due to the huge consumer market in China, it is not enough for everyone to eat by domestic chicken feet. Coincidentally, most foreigners do not eat them.Therefore, chicken feet are very small in the foreign market. Even if Chinese Chinese want to eat chicken feet in the United States, it is very difficult. In the U.S. supermarkets, they can hardly buy chicken feet and chicken dumplings.Either you can only go to the local Chinese supermarket to buy, or you can only raise chicken by yourself.Our neighboring countries Japan, South Korea, and even Russia do not eat chicken feet. Although they do not eat them, they do not mean that they cannot use it to obtain economic effects. Therefore, my country also imports chicken feet in various countries in the world every year.Of course, as long as imported chicken feet are not illegal, most of the unqualified products will still be stopped by Chinese customs, so it can also ensure quality.Throughout 2020, the frozen chicken wings and chicken feet imported by my country accounted for more than 60%of the total amount of imported chicken products. The specific import volume was about 370,000 tons, and the number was very huge.

Looking at it like this, rumors about "three wings, six legs" deformed chicken species do not need to think about it and know it must be rumors, but there are indeed criminals to use hormones to accelerate the growth of chickens to earn more banknotes.It will cause some harm to the human body, but as long as we polish our eyes and choose to buy chicken feet from regular channels, we will hardly buy this fast -moving chicken.

Generally speaking in the processing of chicken feet, it is also processed in professional processing plants. For example, well -known chicken claw sales merchants such as Liao Ji stick chicken and dragon claws.There are also professional and hygienic machines to season the chicken feet. Even if there are artificial bones, they can be assured. Professional bone prolapse workers must perform special disinfection procedures before going to work.It is no less than the machine. On average, the chicken feet can be separated in the average of three seconds to separate the flesh and flesh. One day can handle tens of thousands of chicken feet.At the same time, when choosing chicken feet, you should also pay attention to carefully observe from the aspects of color, odor, and fleshy flesh to avoid buying deterioration chicken feet.According to the normal channels of chicken feet supply in my country, it is not greedy for small and cheap, and it is unknown to buy. A large number of normal chicken feet on the market will not have any problems. Safety and hygiene can naturally be sufficient.

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