Where to build a book for early pregnancy, what is the first birth check, novice pregnant mothers need to know

Most novice pregnant mothers are pregnant after preparing.That is, after pregnancy, I have entered pregnancy, and there have been relevant measures for eugenics and preferences during pregnancy.

Generally speaking, novice pregnant mothers who have prepared during pregnancy have been prepared to prepare for pregnancy through health education by medical staff, and they are pregnant within the scheduled time.The pregnant mothers in this part basically know how to judge whether she is pregnant, what should I do after pregnancy, when the time of pregnancy is built, and the first birth check -in.

Of course, some novice pregnant mothers suddenly found that they were pregnant without any preparation.This part of the novice pregnant mothers have less understanding of the health knowledge of eugenics and good health because they have not prepared for pregnancy.Therefore, what should not be done too much after pregnancy is not too much to check, and there are also the phenomenon of missing early pregnancy bands, missing the examination and early pregnancy NT screening.


Pregnancy is one of the most important things in women’s lives. It is not easy to bred a new life, but it is great.

The easiest way to confirm that pregnancy is to use the pregnancy test stick or early pregnancy test strip. The pharmacies can be bought. According to the simple instructions, the accuracy rate is also very high.

Menalizing menstruation is generally the first signal of women’s pregnancy. In addition, dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, saliva secretion, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, etc., prefer acidity and cold foods, are also signals to suggest women’s pregnancy.

Of course, if you don’t worry, you can go to the hospital for blood HCG or B -ultrasound, and the results will be more accurate.


For the calculation of the number of pregnancy weeks, many novice pregnant mothers are confused. Correctly and reasonably calculate the number of pregnancy weeks, which can help pregnant mothers to participate in early pregnancy volumes and first birth checkups. Of course, there are still those who cannot miss it.Formulating NT screening can also pay attention to and pay attention to the development of the fetus in time. So how can the number of pregnancy weeks be calculated?

If the regular menstrual cycle rules, after pregnancy, the gestational week can be calculated according to the first day of the last menstrual period. Generally, seven days are a pregnancy weeks, and there is also a calculator on the Internet on the Internet. You can calculate the gestational week through the last menstrual period.

Regarding the irregular menstrual cycle of women or the specific time of the last menstruation at all, you can also use B -ultrasound to calculate the gestational weekly measurement according to the size of the gestational sac and embryo.


Early pregnancy bosses were mainly for pregnant mothers before 13 weeks of pregnancy, that is, 12 weeks of pregnancy and 6 days before, and went to the township health centers or designated hospitals in the area for free.The significance and content, the health service items of the dysPlay and the country’s policy of benefiting the people are required to use drugs and vaccines with caution, avoid contact with the exposure to toxic and harmful substances and pets.

Establish a "Mother and Child Health Manual" for pregnant mothers, asking about this pregnancy situation, previous history, menstrual situation, fertility history, family history and genetic medical history of both sides, the history of adverse factors exposed and personal hobbies, and the due date is calculated.

Observe whether the pregnant mother’s complexion is pale, developed and nutritious, whether there is yellow stain in the sclera, whether the gait is normal, the mental state is full or sluggish, and the psychology is anxious or depressed.

Perform general medical examinations such as height and weight, measurement of blood pressure, cardiopulmonary auscultation, gynecological examination, etc.Routine blood routine, urine routine, blood type, liver function, renal function, hepatitis B and other routine tests, regions with conditions will also be detected by blood sugar, vaginal secretions, syphilis serotics tests, and HIV antibody detection.


After inspection, the pregnant mothers who did not find abnormal conditions were conducted in a targeted guidance, mainly to guide lifestyle, psychological, nutrition, avoiding teratogenic factors, and adverse effects on the embryo.And inform and urge pregnant women to conduct prenatal screening and prenatal diagnosis.

For pregnant mothers with risk factors and pregnancy taboos or severe complications, they will refer to the superior medical institutions in time and follow the results of the referral within 2 weeks.

Fill in the results of the inspection to the first prenatal inspection service record form and the "Mother and Child Health Handbook", and make an appointment for the next inspection time.

During pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother will change some, which may make the pregnant mother have some discomfort, but don’t worry, maintain a happy mood, ensure sufficient sleep and balanced nutrition, and the baby will be healthier.

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