Whether the body is healthy, there is no risk of cancer, just look at the face!

Some people say that the eyes are the windows of the mind. In fact, your face is also a window. If you carefully observe your facial features, you can understand your health.Sometimes watching the mirror show some surprising or even uneasy things. The purpose of this article is to find your own health from the face change.

Yellow skin, yellow eyes

If you find that your eyes and skin are yellow, this may be a dangerous signal.Baby jaundice less than 38 weeks is usually harmless and common.But when it appears on adults, the doctor’s advice is needed.Jaundice is a virus infection, such as dysplasia or hepatitis.If the infection is short -term, it is usually accompanied by other symptoms, such as fever, cold, and other symptoms similar to flu.Jaundice can also reflect your pancreas, gallbladder or liver problems.This includes gallstones and pancreatitis.This may also be a sign of alcohol abuse.Because many problems can cause your skin and eyes to become yellow, you need to check carefully to find the root cause of the problem.


Moles are spots or protrusions on the skin. They are usually harmless, but unusual moles may be skin cancer.How do you know if your mole is unusual?Remember, asymmetric, when compared with one side and the other side, is the shape rules?If you draw a line in the middle, do you match both sides?If the answer is no, it needs to attract attention.Then, observe the edge: Is the edge jagged or the skin that looks like "bleeding" and the surrounding skin?Is the edge concave or fan -shaped?

Is it changed, does the spots evolve over time?Including colors, shapes, size, or lumps start shell, itching or bleeding, these may be the symptoms of cancer.


Sometimes pain is only a kind of pain, but if it appears around the lips and mouth, it may be cold sores, which is caused by herpes 1 virus.Cold sores are common.Two of adults under the age of 50 in each three ages of each three have cold sores. Once they appear there, they will appear in life from time to time.Symptoms of oral herpes are usually mild. However, for those with weak immune systems, the symptoms may be more serious and will appear more frequently.There is no way to treat cold sores.

Lip crack

Specifies and cracked lips in some cases are very common.In the cold winter, the dry environment is the cause of the lip cracking, but it may also be a more serious sign.Sometimes the lip rupture can cause dehydration, cause dizziness, fatigue, and lip rupture may also indicate the allergies of the drug. If the corner of your mouth has redness and inflammation of inflammation, it may be the symptoms of corner lipitis, which may be caused by infection.At other times, this may be the symptoms of eczema, especially for those wearing databas.

Butterfly rash

Most rashes come and go, usually not too serious.However, butterfly rash is different.The rash of butterflies covered their cheeks, forming the shape of a butterfly.If you find such rashes in the mirror, you may have lupus erythematosus.Lupus is an autoimmune disease.It can cause the immune system to attack healthy body tissues.People with lupus erythematosus often experience stiffness and joint pain, fever, and fingers become purple when they are cold.If you have a butterfly rash, you need a doctor’s examination.


With age, it is not unusual to find hair in strange places.A greater men often find new hair around their ears, nose and eyebrows.Elderly women may find that their facial hair becomes thicker, especially around their lips and chin.Although it may be uneasy, this hair growth is considered normal.However, young women start to grow beard, and sometimes it may be a sign of a bigger problem.Sometimes the growth of new facial hair is a sign of the polycystic ovary, which is a common disease that affects about 20%of women.It makes pregnancy more difficult and is related to the high risk of high cholesterol and the high risk of type 2 diabetes.


When you look in the mirror, have you noticed that your eyelids are drooping a little?Sometimes this happens only on one eye.Doctors call it drooping, and some people are born like this. For others, it may be due to injuries or normal effects caused by aging.In a few cases, drooping eyelids can indicate that a disease or tumor is affecting your eyelid muscles.

Facial paralysis

This situation may not be observed in the mirror. Some of the body cannot move at any time, and you should seek medical treatment immediately.The good news is that this situation is temporary.Mild cases may last for two weeks.It takes three to six months to fully recover.Bell’s paralysis occurred in the cranial, the nerves of the ears and facial inflammation, pressure or swelling.

Paralysis and accompanied by other symptoms

There are no other symptoms, only half of the face paralysis, which usually means Bell’s paralysis.But if your arms and legs are weak and numb, dizziness, dizziness, dual vision blur, unclear or swallowing difficulties, you may have stroke.Stroke is a serious medical emergency. The sooner the help and accurate diagnosis, the better.The passage can cause permanent brain damage.

Is there a yellow bump under the eyelids?

Observe your eyelids carefully, you may find small, convex, yellow lumps. If there are such masses, this is elastic cholesterol deposition. People who are most likely to have these small masses are in their 30s and 40 years.Female women.These yellow lumps are harmless, but they are not very good -looking.

Eye bag

Fluffed eyes can make you look tired. This makes sense. In general, the reason for bags under the eyes is fatigue.However, there are other reasons that can cause swelling of the eyes, including high sodium diet, without sufficient water and hormonal changes.Chronic allergies can also cause this problem, especially if your eyes are red and watery, you can improve the eye bags by correcting these problems.If these problems are not helpful, you can try other methods. A spare method is to soak the tea bags in hot water for about 3 minutes, then let them cool for a few minutes, and then put them on your closed eyes, Then lie down.If you like cool treatment, you can also soak the bag in the refrigerator.

Brown, sliced skin

When you look in the mirror, see your cheek, nose or forehead with brown or brown plaques on your forehead? This may be chloasma. This is a common skin disease that is more common than men in women.In fact, 90%of women have this situation.People with deeper complexion, as well as people living in a sunny environment.It may also be black leather disease. The exact cause of black leather disease is unclear, but it seems to be related to hormones.This is because taking hormone drugs, including fertility control drugs, can make melanin more likely.Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to damage, so melanopathy is also called "pregnant mask".Although you may not like it, black skin disease is harmless, it will not be cancer, and it will not develop skin cancer.These plaques usually disappear by themselves after pregnancy or after the fertility control, so don’t worry too much.

Dark circles

The dark circles under your eyes will make you look sad and tired, but from a medical perspective, they have nothing to worry about.They can affect any faces, any gender, any age.There are many reasons.Sometimes allergies.Sometimes your skin becomes thinner.Sometimes stress.Sometimes dark circles are just your natural pigment, and in some cases, the dark area is caused by light caused by the shape of the lower eyelid.Just like there are many different reasons, there are many different treatments.Dermatologists can use skin whitening drugs, as well as some beauty surgery, such as soft tissue filling, laser skin exchange and surgery.Choosing the correct treatment depends on your facial contour.Whether dark circles are caused by aging, facial fat or pigment, they are different in the correct choice. Therefore, it is the key to consult a high -quality dermatologist.(Lily 206454)

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