Which of the three types of aunts do you belong to?

Spring Equinox


"If there are always a few days a few days a few days of emotional instability, dysmenorrhea, some sensitive and suspicious, some are irritable, some are in a low mood, in short, the temperament changes greatly, dare not drink ice, dare not eat spicy food, dare not eat spicy ~ born ~ bornUnreasonable

So congratulations, you are the unreasonable manifestation of my aunt ~

I believe that the straight men of your female tickets have a deep understanding ~

Is the conversation below Kangkang very familiar with it?

"Tell me to buy aunt towel, hesitated a little bit, then said to break up!"

"Suddenly, it will be fried and can’t coax well."

"Let her drink more hot water and I get hacked"

"I didn’t eat the small Bao Bao in the street for half an hour"

The small care I saw only came up with one "Straight Man’s Life Raiders" …

Spring Equinox

Be quiet

Unconsciously, you don’t have to eat anything, spicy and sour is the favorite

Even if you drink it, you’re not going to play

Some even feel that the body is detoxifying, it is really Versailles ~

The quiet type is actually very annoying, it will appear at any time without you noticing

Suddenly visiting people caught off guard, and there is an embarrassment that can’t avoid it.

Spring Equinox

Late delay type

"Looking at the calendar records the days when Aunt’s visit is not delayed, it is really enthusiastic.

The aunt will come out to "check in" once a month, three or five days each time, up to seven days.However, in recent years, my aunt has begun not to check in on time. She often delays the "construction period" and is also late.The aunt is too disappointed, and "work" for less than a week every month, it can’t stand it!What to do?

Sisters, no matter whether my aunt is "unreasonable" or "late delay", these are all sick

Ai Shangyi protects sanitary napkins, technological conditioning, safe and natural

Let my aunt obediently obedient

Ai Shangyi’s sanitary napkin "Breaking Wall Emien Composite Chip"

Boil the ancient pots of ancient Chinese medicine, so that the Emperor’s velvet is fully breaking, and the use of modern technology to implant the wall -breaking wormwood leaf into pure cotton nanobules, and then add long -term bacteriostatic modern nano -silverDiversified magical care effects such as cold, pain, conditioning, etc.

Sisters and aunts have its temper. Which one does you belong to?

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2021 · Spring Equinox

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