Who does the custody of the husband and wife divorced children?

Many people say that they do not divorce their children, but many families also choose to divorce.There is a child’s supervision problem between couples.This situation cannot be determined by the unified law.Must be determined according to the actual situation of each family.Who is the custody of the divorced child?The following is a detailed introduction of the editorial of the Law Department today.Hope to help everyone.(Small programs have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

Children under the age of 2 are generally living with their mother during breastfeeding.

2. Minor children over the age of 2 are required to live with their parents. They mainly consider economic conditions, personal quality, living environment, a sense of responsibility for their children, and intimacy with their children.

3. For a minor child over 10 years of age, if there is controversy in his parents’ lives, he should consider his children’s opinions.

4. Parents can negotiate to take turns raising their children.This is based on the supporting agreement reached voluntarily, or the maintenance agreement reached under the participation of the court.

1. The opinions of children are very important: those who involve minors over 10 years of age should provide children who are willing to live with their father or mother

2. Revenue status: Prove that your economic income is in good condition, and there are differences from the other party

3. Working environment: It depends on who’s work conditions are better, which is conducive to children’s education and growth

4. Good residence conditions: providing relevant evidence of living conditions.

5. The nature of the work of both parties: see who’s work nature is conducive to the growth of children;

6. Personality cultivation: On the one hand, personality cultivation and ideological quality are particularly important for children’s monitoring rights.

7. Cultural level: Higher education is more conducive to education for children

In most cases, those who actually bring their children are often not both husband and wife, especially pre -school children, which are generally brought by a parent.Therefore, the child’s past living environment, the opinions and physical conditions of the parents who have taken the child for a long time, are often one of the important aspects that affect the child’s guardianship.

1. The party that lives with children with severe illness or disability cannot continue to raise children

2. The party who lives with the children does not fulfill the obligation to support, has abuse of children, or lives with the children. It does affect the physical and mental health of the children;

3. Minor children over 10 years of age live together with the other party and are willing to have the ability to raise

4. Other legitimate reasons need to be changed.

5. According to the "320 Opinions of the People’s Republic of China", the lawsuit (changing lawsuits) of the monitoring and custody rights is changed, and the case of the 10th and unwillingness to be transferred to the monitoring relationship is under the jurisdiction of the people’s court of the guardian’s residence.Article 4 The place of citizen residence refers to the location of the citizen’s household registration.

The above is the relevant legal knowledge such as "Who’s Raising the Children’s Raising Children" and other relevant legal knowledge.In summary, children under 2 years of age belong to breastfeeding. In order to ensure the development of babies, they must live together with their mother.The basic principle is to punish the child from the environment that is conducive to the growth of children, and the opinion of children is also very important.If you have other legal issues, please consult the Professional Lawyer of the Law Department today.

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