Why are all kinds of uncomfortable strokes during pregnancy?

Podda during pregnancy

Many pregnant mothers have edema in the third trimester, and general mild edema is physiological.Because the abdominal bulging and gravity compression affects the blood circulation of the pregnant mother, it is recommended to rest for pregnant mothers.Because the burden on the heart, liver, and kidneys will be reduced when people are quiet, and edema will be reduced or disappeared.

Pregnant mothers pay attention to keep warm and wear loose clothes.Pay attention to low salt in diet, not more than 10 grams.You can eat some diuretic foods, drink plenty of water, and eat more healthy foods rich in iron and folic acid.You can boil water with red beans to drink or drink some melon skin.

When the pregnant mother rests, the legs are too high, and keep the lower limbs too high 15-30 degrees to accelerate the return of blood, reduce intravenous pressure, and relieve edema to prevent diseases such as varicose veins.However, once edema is getting heavier and edema appears in the thighs and abdomen, it may be a signal of pregnancy hypertension. You must seek medical treatment in time to check whether the blood pressure is increased and whether it is accompanied by proteinuria; especially the age, the fat body is fat, and the body shape is fatter, and the body shape is fatter, and the body shape is fatter, and the body shape is fatter, and the body shape is fatter.Pregnant mothers with high blood sugar.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Some pregnant mothers found that they felt tingling, and itching near the anus; with the growth of pregnancy, the hemorrhoids were worse, and blood was painful when going to the toilet.

At this time, diet conditioning is very important. Eat more foods that are easy to digest and have more cellulose; develop the habit of drinking plenty of water.Regular bowel habits, try to shorten the time of the toilet; avoid playing mobile phones and reading for a long time; clean water with warm water after each toilet, change the underwear frequently, and keep the anal skin cleaning a good help to prevent hemorrhoids.

If hemorrhoids have emerged, gently push back the hemorrhoids after the stool, and then apply glue oil on the affected area.You can use 1%-2%soda to take a bath and keep the vulva clean once a night.After bowel movement, clean the anus with warm water, and then press the anus with a hot towel. Massage 15 times in clockwise and counterclockwise to improve the blood circulation of the anus.

Panic during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a series of changes will happen in the body. Especially until the third trimester, most pregnant mothers will feel a light or heavy heart panic, or after a little movement, they will have a short breath and panting.These are normal pregnancy reactions.

However, not all panic is physiological, especially for a slight activity, the symptoms of panic will occur. After the rest, the symptoms of panic have not improved. Go to the hospital to find out the cause of the onset in time and beware of the combined pregnancy heart disease.

If there is a heart disease during pregnancy, the pregnant mother must strengthen the care during pregnancy, reduce the burden on the heart, and ensure the health of the baby and the pregnant mother.Limit physical activity, rest and reduce the burden on the heart; avoid excitement in emotion; diet, high protein, less fat, and multivitamin diet.

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