Why are pregnant women prone to hypothyroidism?Don’t let your baby lose on the starting line

According to relevant data statistics, the prevalence of thyroid dysfunction in my country is 17.8%, which means that 18 of each 100 people suffer from hypothyroidism.Among them, there are obviously more female patients than men, and among female patients with hypothyroidism, patients with hypothyroidism during pregnancy account for about half.


Why are there so many pregnant women with hypothyroidism?

During pregnancy, the level of thyroid and the thyroid hormone levels will change. During this period, hormones produced by thyroid gland are generally less than normal, so it is easy to develop hypothyroidism.


What are the hazards of hypothyroidism during pregnancy?

The effects of thyroid on pregnancy have been recognized, and pregnant women suffer from abortion, limited growth in the fetus, low birth weight, congenital malformations, dead fetal deaths, maternal deaths, and death of birth.Insufficient clinical hypothyroidism can lead to an increase in miscarriage, pre -eclampsion, anemia, fetal growth, premature placental peeling, premature placental peeling, death of maternal deaths, and newborn death.The occurrence of complications above is closely related to the severity of hypothyroidism.Studies have shown that 60%of hypothyroidism, 20%premature birth, and 20%of the monthly delivery.

In addition, pregnant women suffering from hypothyroidism will also affect their children’s intellectual development and exercise ability, especially the "medium 3 months" and "latter 3 months" in the fetal period are the key to their nerve development. If the mother lacks thyroid hormones, it willThe fetus will also lack thyroid hormones, which will cause protein synthesis disorders in the fetal brain nerve, reduce protein content in the brain, reduce cell volume, and reduce brain weight.


What should I pay attention to when pregnant women are reduced?

1. Supplement thyroid hormone and maintain at normal levels.Ensure the supply of thyroid hormones of the fetus in the early pregnancy, and meet the need for thyroid hormones during the first period of rapid development of the fetus.

2. Check it regularly during pregnancy.For patients with hypothyroidism combined with pregnancy, with the increase of the gestational week, the body’s demand for thyroid hormone also changes with. Therefore, FT3, FT4 and TSH must be reviewed regularly to ensure the normal development of the fetus to ensure the normal development of the fetus.Essence

3. Umbilical cord blood should be detected during childbirth to detect armor and antibodies, and timely understand the condition of the mother and infant. After the child is full, it should be reviewed in time to screen and treat congenital hypothyroidism in a timely manner.

Guiyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Director Wang Jian reminded

Breeding offspring is a very complicated systematic project. Prospective mothers must prepare for fertility in psychology and physiological. In order to avoid the damage of hypothyroidism on fetal brain development, expectant mothers need to screen immediately during or after pregnancy.Thyroid disease.Early treatment, timely correction of pregnant women’s hypothyroidism, fetal IQ is not affected.

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