Why are you eating folic acid for pregnancy and pregnancy?One article understands and folic acid during pregnancy

Folic acid is a kind of water -soluble vitamin, known as antight factor and butterflyl glutamate, which plays a key role in protein synthesis and cell division.Many people have heard of the statement of supplementing folic acid during pregnancy and pregnancy, but there are also a lot of doubts. Here are several common questions to supplement folic acid.

Why eat folic acid?

Lack of folic acid can lead to giant cytosyo anemia, and studies have shown that dementia, depression, and tastitis are also related to folic acid, but pregnant women supplement folic acid mainly to reduce the incidence of neurotransidal deformities and reduce the risk of premature birth and abortion.Essence

Nervous tube is the central nervous system of the fetus. Neurotrants can cause severe problems such as spinal bales, spinal bullets, and no brain.For those who do not have a relevant medical history, routine supplementation of folic acid can significantly reduce the incidence of neurotranscele malformations. Even pregnant women with adverse fertility and family history can avoid about 70%of neural tube deformities.

Some people say that there wasn’t so much particular attention in the past. Isn’t the child born the same?This is actually the problem of the survivor bias. Children who do not supplement folic acid cannot survive. Non -medical professionals often do not know their existence without research.

When will folic acid be suitable and how much?

The neural tube is closed around 6 weeks of pregnancy. What our country recommends is to start taking folic acid in the first three months of preparing pregnancy.The dose is 0.4 ~ 0.8mg per day. If you eat composite vitamins, you need to view the content of folic acid.

There are special vitamins during pregnancy and pregnancy. It is not recommended to eat composite vitamins facing ordinary people, because the content of folic acid is different, ordinary composite vitamins cannot provide sufficient folic acid to expectant mothers.

If menstruation is obviously delayed after eating folic acid, or if you are not suitable for eating folic acid, you can go to the hospital for obstetrics and gynecology to check the metabolism of folic acid intracellular folic acid and folic acid.Essence

I am pregnant without eating folic acid. Do I need a miscarriage?

Under the condition of conditions, it is recommended to get pregnant after preparing for pregnancy. This is because in addition to supplementing folic acid during pregnancy, you need to check whether the husband and wife have physical diseases, and timely treatment of some problems that may affect the health during pregnancy.

However, after all, there are often plans in life that are unexpected. The expectant mothers who are pregnant without accidents do not need to choose abortion to terminate pregnancy because they do not supplement folic acid. They should replenish folic acid in a timely manner and do related pregnancy tests during pregnancy.

Another situation is that after eating folic acid and not pregnant, if there is an idea of continuing pregnancy, do not need to stop folic acid. If you plan to suspend your pregnancy, you can use folic acid.

What’s wrong with deformity after eating folic acid?

Folic acid cannot prevent 100%of fetal malformations, and there are many chromosomal abnormalities that have nothing to do with folic acid.However, eating folic acid can reduce the incidence of fetal malformations. There are a lot of clinical data verification, so there is no need to doubt.

In addition to taking folic acid during pregnancy and pregnancy, you should also achieve non -smoking and alcohol, non -random drugs, maintain a good mentality, balanced diet, and check on time on time.

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