Why can the development of the APP development during pregnancy attract users?

During pregnancy records, the development of the APP brings users more suitable for expectant mothers during pregnancy, so that users can record your fetal movement more conveniently. There are many matters that need attention during pregnancy.More pregnancy knowledge.Provide intimate number of fetal movements/reminding fetal motion counting/number of contractions, and also has records of historical data of fetal movement to help users grasp the rules of baby fetal movement and ensure the healthy growth of the fetus.

Why can the development of the APP development during pregnancy attract users?

The reminder of the fetal movement is very intimate. When the fetal movement is moved, this software will remind real -time reminders, so that users can not miss any fetal movement.

During the pregnancy, the steward’s contraction records are very comprehensive. As long as the contraction is appeared, this software will record the corresponding time for users.

The service assistants specialized for mothers can provide small assistants, fetal movement records, healthy recipes, pressure relief, etc. for mothers during pregnancy.

The main features of the development of app development during pregnancy:

1. [Mom Circle] Talk to the Moms of Ten Thousands of Bao, and exchange problems and experiences.

2. [Can’t eat] One -click query, taboo for eating and drinking during pregnancy.

3. [3D Development Picture] One baby develops 3D pictures every day to master the baby’s development dynamics at any time.

4. [Mother’s change] Pregnant mothers can view the point of paying attention to the week, conduct health self -examination and production data comparison, and know whether they are in the best state at any time.

5. [Everyday Good Maternity Radio] One -time pregnancy knowledge radio station, relax the mood of pregnant mothers, and learn to nurture knowledge at the same time.

6. [Reminder Management] Taboo reminders during pregnancy, reminders of production inspections, reminders of drinking water, nourishing nutrition reminders, etc. are not as intimate than my mother.

7. [Discover] Small care tools during pregnancy, what mom wants, there are all here, all here

8. [Expert consultation] The obstetrics and gynecologists of the well -known three hospitals across the country can answer the confusion during pregnancy.

9. [Diary of pregnancy] records the baby’s growth, and share the little touch of pregnancy and parenting.

10. [Parenting Model] The baby’s knowledge of development, feeding, care, and early education after birth can easily master

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