Why did the "doctor and patient question" have chocolate cysts? The doctor suggested that I get married and have children quickly?

Chocolate Cyst, also known as "endometriosis cyst", is a type of endometriosis.Under normal circumstances, the endometrium grows in the uterine cavity, and the effects of female hormones in the receptor fall off once a month to form menstruation.If the endometrium fragments that fall off during menstruation, with the inverse flow of menstrual blood, the fallopian tube enters the pelvic cavity and is planted on the ovarian surface or other parts of the pelvic cavity to form an ectopic cyst.The cycle repeatedly falls off bleeding, forming a cyst with old blood accumulation.This old blood is brown and sticky, like chocolate, so it is commonly known as "ovarian chocolate cysts".

The main symptoms of chocolate cysts are pelvic pain, manifested as dysmenorrhea, chronic pelvic pain, sexual intercourse pain and abdominal pain.The degree of pain will exacerbate the development of the disease, so painkillers need to be used to reduce pain.With the tide of menstruation, chocolate cysts will intensify. Usually, drugs are used to make the body in a state of pregnancy, which will not come to menstruation, and even the ectopic endometrial tissue will shrink and the lesion will decrease.

If the patient’s patient is pregnant, the pregnancy is not menstrual during pregnancy, and the endometrium tissue will shrink under the action of continuous progesterone during pregnancy.The organization healed.

Although patients with chocolate cysts may be a bit difficult, once they are pregnant, it is very beneficial.If you do not get pregnant as soon as possible, the clever pocket may gradually increase with the condition, the adhesion increases, and the chance of pregnancy will gradually decrease. In the future, it will be difficult to increase pregnancy.Moreover, Qiaoqian will invade the ovarian function. If the condition is more than 10 years and the age is over 35 years old, the ovarian reserve ability may be severely reduced, and even the auxiliary reproduction cannot help conceive.

This is why there is a chocolate cyst, and the doctor will recommend that you get married and want your children to get married.

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