Why did the ancients say that pregnancy is pregnant with six?What does "Six Jia" mean?

In ancient TV dramas such as "Zhen Huan Biography" and "Rugao Biography", the concubines of the harem not only fight for the emperor, but also to have a child.For example, when Rugao Huai was the first child, in order to protect his children, he also pretended to be spicy. He didn’t say the heart of pepper to eat. He could only secretly eat apricot in the middle of the night, and he was afraid that he would be counted by other concubines.

In the concept of ancient times, children and daughters were very important, especially boys.After all, girls have to marry someone else’s house when they grow up, and boys can stay in their own house for a lifetime.And the child born to the daughter must be the surname of others, but the son is different.

Therefore, in ancient times, especially in the emperor’s house, he valued his children, especially for boys.The concubines in the harem can have a boy to be expensive, and the concubine can add pets with children.Boys will grow up with their age, but their daughters may face peace.

Look at the change of dynasties in history. When the old emperors are old, which one is not used to use all the means, just to appear on the throne of the Ninth Five -Year Plan.And their mother will enjoy the glory in the palace.

Speaking of which, there is a problem. After the ancient women are pregnant, they will be called "the six -armor". What does the six -way mean?

There are many explanations on the Sixth, some are generals of the gods, some say they are older, and there are explanations that the six -year -old is used to refer to for 60 years.Among the many explanations, most people accepted that the six nails, Jiayu, Jiashen, Jiawu, Jiachen and Jiayin.In ancient times, it was calculated in the time of the matching of the heavenly and dry branches. These six were starting with the word A, so it was referred to as the sixth.

Tiangan and Earthly Branches are ancient astronomical calendars.In ancient China thousands of years ago, there was no electronic watch and no clock.In ancient times, it was not a 24 -hour system, but a 12 -hour system, which means that an hour in ancient times actually refers to modern two hours.

Tiangan and ground branches are specifically ten days of dry and twelve earthly branches. Among them, "A" is one of the ten -day dry, and the other nine are "B, C, Ding, Wu, Ji, Geng, Xin, Ren, Gui".The twelve ground branches are "Zi, Ugly, Yin, 卯, Chen, 巳, Wu, Wu, Wei, Shen, Yi, Xun, Hai, Hai".The Jiazi, Jiayu, Jiashen, Jiawu, Jiachen and Jiayin are the combination of Tiangan and Earthly Branches.

When you talk about Liujia, everyone knows that women are pregnant.But how does this statement rise and why?

Since the Sui Dynasty, this statement has appeared."Sui Shu" once recorded that the day of the Six -Jiajia is the day when heaven builds all things, so it is also the most likely to get pregnant.Therefore, it was later formed to be pregnant with Liujia.

In fact, many of the basis for this statement are the good wishes of unborn children.Some people think that the Sixth is the six gods and gods, so that the six -armor naturally becomes a beautiful wish. There are six god soldiers in their stomach. Who would be unhappy?

Others believe that six -year -old people are 60 -year -old.In the thinking of the ancients, sixty foreshadows a reincarnation.When the child was born, the skin was also wrinkled.Therefore, the ancients used the six to show that a new life is coming.

Another saying is called "Tibetan Five and Six".The ancients did not have a pregnancy test stick and could not go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound. They could only rely on the doctor to judge whether they were pregnant.Then the women of ordinary people can’t afford a doctor when they are pregnant, they can only feel that pregnant women feel, or wait, that is, they can’t see pregnancy in five months, and they can be seen in June.

Being pregnant with Liujia is certainly a good wish, but not all women can become a six -armored.Only the mother who is pregnant with a boy can be called the six.Six -Jiari represents "Yang", that is, men; Liu Dingri represents "Yin", which is also female.Therefore, in the case of the baby girl, it cannot be said that people are pregnant with six.

But why did they only have the saying of Liujia in ancient times without the saying of Liuding?That must be related to the ancient concept and environment.

First of all, although today’s medical technology is already very developed, you can know the gender of the child before the baby is born, but under normal circumstances, you cannot be notified in advance.But in ancient times, medical technology is far worse than today. Boys and women can only judge by folklore like "sour girls".

Therefore, in ancient times, children could not judge gender before birth.Naturally, you can’t say that people are pregnant.But you ca n’t say that you are pregnant with Liu Ding. How can you say that you are pregnant with the six? This is related to the traditional concepts of ancient China.Feudal thoughts always think that boys such as girls are "golden", "having boys better than having girls" and other ideas.

Because boys always have to become a family, Guangzong Yaozu, only boys can be greatly responsible. As long as girls learn female red, they will recognize some words and understand some etiquette.In ancient times, what women needed to do after adulthood were the husband and husband. They did not even have their surnames.

The possibilities of being crowded and secretly calculated by the girls in the palace were less likely to be squeezed and secretly calculated when they were pregnant, because the girls and boys were not comparable in ancient times, and the princess would not threaten the elder brother.Only the elder brother can be expensive, and the princess’s mother may only watch her daughter marrying and relatives in the future.

This is also a girl born in a wealthy family.If you are just a girl in the people’s house, there may be no chance of literacy.

Now we have more claims for women’s pregnancy, not just about the six.Some people will say "there is", some people will say "pregnant", and some say "have babies", some people will subtlely say "you want to be a dad" and so on.

Today, whether it is a boy or a girl, after birth, it is a baby at home, and it will receive modern higher education.Looking at it is just a way of saying, but behind this flow change is actually a change in ideas.Modernized China gives men and women equal rights.Gender equality and women’s liberation in New China have become a reality!

China, which is more open and civilized today, has become more tolerant, and modern culture is more diverse.Civilization is no longer attached to the more retro saying of "being pregnant with the six", but each of them contains expectations and joy of the upcoming babies.

In the past, the era that could only be recorded by text, or even earlier, our ancestors created an ancient way of Tiangan and Earthly Branches to count the year, day, time, counting, and calendar.Although the data may not be as precise as today, it is still the product of ancient Chinese wisdom.

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