Why do children do not smoke, why do children have lung cancer?Be careful of 2 things during pregnancy

Twenty -year -old has been fever, and people gradually lose weight. At first, parents thought they were a cold, took some antipyretic medicine, and did not take it too seriously.Phenomenon.

The family was anxious now, and quickly sent the baby to the hospital.

Under the examination of the doctor, the conclusion finally came to make the family members of the day like a thunderbolt, and the child had lung cancer!

Mom and dad are extremely shocked. How can such a small baby get lung cancer?Moreover, the couple thinks that they never smoke, and the hospital will be wrong.

But the fact is cruel. The 2 -year -old does have lung cancer every day. The doctor said that it may be related to pregnancy.But what is going on?

In fact, this is a real case, and the media has reported.But many parents are puzzled after seeing that lung cancer, how can they happen to children?What happened during pregnancy, so that children will have lung cancer?How should our parents prevent?

Doctors said that children suffer from lung cancer and are related to whether pregnant women have exposed to carcinogenic factors during pregnancy.

1 smoking

We all know that smoking is harmful and healthy, and many women think that I do not smoke anyway, so it has nothing to do with me.

In fact, although most women do not have the habit of smoking, the husband or family has a smoking, so that the passive smoking of pregnant women will produce carcinogens in the body for a long time.

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And our fetus is highly sensitive to carcinogens, so it is easy to be infected.

When the carcinogenic substances pass through the placenta, it will affect the baby’s various functional systems, such as the development of the respiratory system, digestive system, etc., and cause it to produce cancer tumor cells. After the fetus is born, the cancer tumor cells will become a malignant tumorEssence

If it affects the respiratory system, it will cause children to suffer from lung cancer.

2 Environmental pollution

The second reason is that during pregnancy, the pollution environment, such as the smell of paint, and so on.

This is why the article starts with lung cancer at the beginning of the article, because when her mother was 6 months pregnant, she smelled the smell of paint.

1 Stay away from tobacco

For the health of their own family and the baby, pregnant women and family should stay away from tobacco without smoking.

Because a large number of studies have shown that smoke in tobacco will not only endanger the health of adults, but also affect the fetus.Long -term exposure to smoke pollution for pregnant women and children will affect the development of the child’s lungs.

1) Stop smoking from starting to pregnancy

Therefore, for couples with smoking habits, it is recommended to stop smoking during pregnancy.

Some pregnant women may say that I don’t smoke, but my husband can’t quit it, and the guests who come to the family can’t stop smoking. What should I do?

2) What should I do if I refuse to quit smoking?

If the prospective dad refuses to quit smoking in the future, it should also reduce the number of smoking and not smoke indoors to make pregnant women smell the smell of smoke.

Our women should also stay away from the smoking environment as much as possible. If they are in contact, we must take off the smoke clothes and hats in time and hang them at the door, and then wash their hands and wash their faces.

Because some studies have shown that the smoke particles on the clothes enter the home, and can stay at home for several weeks, or even months, which is also called "three -handed smoke".

The three -hand smoke staying at home is very harmful to infants and young children.

Therefore, our parents should create a smokeless family environment for future babies and stay away from tobacco.

2 Far away from bad environments

For couples during pregnancy, try to stay away from places with serious pollution, such as:

1) The room just renovated

The paint, furniture, etc. in the room just decorated will exude the taste.

2) New car

Pregnant women should also stay away from the new car just bought.

3) Other other

Other pollution environments include, toxicity, and radiation working environment.

In the home, there must be less pesticides, fresh air fresh agents, etc.

Teacher Yuanyuan reminds you:

1 Children will also suffer from lung cancer, which may be related to the carcinogen that is exposed to the mother during pregnancy.

No one in the two houses smoke, but exposure to the pollution environment during pregnancy will also cause children to suffer from lung cancer.

3 Prevent children with lung cancer. Parents should create smoke -free and pollution -free environments.

Do you know how to prevent your child’s lung cancer from the pregnancy?Do you have any suggestions and methods for how to prevent your children suffer from lung cancer?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area, let’s discuss together.

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