Why do I always have stomach pain during pregnancy?Generally, there is no need to be nervous, but if there is such a phenomenon, you must pay attention to

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There are also disadvantages of the development of the Internet. At the same time that many treasure mothers understand the knowledge of childcare during pregnancy, they also make them a bird of surprise. If you have any questions, you are used to taking out your mobile phone to check it.But sometimes I checked for a long time but could not find an example of my situation.During pregnancy, Baoma occasionally felt a faint pain in my stomach. While telling myself a physiological pain, I was afraid that it was really ill, and it was easy to delay the medical time.The cautious Baoma’s stomach is a little uncomfortable to go to the hospital to check. It is undeniable that it is good to be cautious, but this is a bit too nervous!

In fact, during the pregnancy, because of the baby in her stomach, there are many symptoms that have not had before.For example, there are more secretions on the underwear, and the stomach pain mentioned above!In the early pregnancy, the uterus of pregnant women will increase, and the ligaments will be stretched. Therefore, pregnant women will feel hidden pain, or the lower abdomen fall. This situation is usually caused by physiological changes, and the general problem is not big.Moreover, it can be relieved with the changes in pregnancy time, and the maternal body adapts to this situation.Therefore, the symptoms of stomach pain are generally not obvious or disappeared after 3 months.

However, some pathological pain requires the attention of Baoma.It is normal for the abdomen to cause mild pain, but if the pain is obvious and severe, the pregnant woman feels unbearable, and she should seek medical treatment immediately.Examine ectopic pregnancy, or appendic diseases, and other special pathological reasons.

So, what are the general pathological abdominal pain?

It may be abdominal pain caused by ectopic pregnancy.Ectopic pregnancy usually occurs around 45 days in the early stages of pregnancy. It is usually caused by the inflammation of the fallopian tube and surrounding, and it is prone to vaginal bleeding after a long period of discontinuation.Ectopic pregnancy can also cause lower abdomen pain, and the degree of pain is different.At the same time, pregnancy rupture can cause acute bleeding in the abdominal cavity, cause blood pressure to decrease in blood pressure, and mild symptoms may faint, and severe cases will cause shock.Therefore, the mother who is pregnant must conduct an early birth check -up on time and eliminate ectopic pregnancy as soon as possible.

Breakal abortion can also cause abdominal pain.The aura abortion usually appears within 7 months of pregnancy. It is a more common dangerous situation during pregnancy, and abdominal pain is an important manifestation of this dangerous situation.Due to the abdominal pain caused by aura abortions, it is usually a more severe colic or continuous pain.Belly pain is usually accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage symptoms.Therefore, if bleeding and obvious abdominal pain occur at the same time, Baomao must be alert to signs of abortion.

Steak uterine rupture causes abdominal pain.Steak uterine rupture usually occurs after 7 months in the third trimester.Studies have shown that the emergence of breathing heart rate, vaginal bleeding, and severe pain in the lower abdomen will occur.At the same time, the uterus will be compulsive to shrink.

There are generally many production, many flow or curetts, and mothers who have experienced the experience of caesarean section. Because the uterus is too thin or there are scars, it is easy to break down under the strong shrinkage of the uterus.Therefore, the above maternal should pay special attention to this situation in the third trimester.

In summary, it is not difficult for Baoma to find that the most obvious difference between pathological abdominal pain and normal abdominal pain of physiology is that pathological abdominal pain is usually not simple abdominal pain, but also accompanied by other symptoms such as vaginal hemorrhage.On the other hand, only the dangerous situations that may occur during pregnancy can only be discharged on time, and expectant mothers must not ignore the birth checkup!(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

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