Why do many pregnant women do not want to do a birth check?80 second -child pregnant mother said the reason, it made people realize

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Speaking of the birth check during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers and Baoma estimated that they were worried.It is not how scary and pain, but it feels troublesome.Moreover, the taste is really uncomfortable with the baby’s pile of people in the hospital.Therefore, many pregnant mothers said that they did not want to do a checkup.

My post -80s friend, pregnant with a second child this year. After going to B -ultrasound for the first time, and determining that there is a fetal heart bud, she said, "I don’t want to go to a physical examination anymore.There are also a lot of special, so that the line of queue makes people crazy. "Later, after the four -dimensional large arranging, he never wanted to do a checkup.

Why do many pregnant women do not want to do a birth check?The post -80s second -child pregnant mother said the reason, which made people realize.

As a post -80s second -child pregnant mother, friends said that the birth check is obviously different from when she is pregnant, and I feel that there are many more inspection items.Especially as a 35 -year -old mother, there are more inspection items.She said that an ordinary maternal maternal was used for early NT chromosome screening at 11-14 weeks of pregnancy.In addition to doing NT, she also has to do serum scoring, because doctors say that ordinary Tang’s screening is not suitable for elderly women like her.Therefore, she did non -invasive.In some cases of abnormal elderly women, they even have amniotic fluid puncture.The process is very cumbersome, and it is very torment when you wait.

This is really one reason why many older women are unwilling to do a birth check.Because of the age, the probability of malformations in the fetus is higher, so there are many more inspection items than ordinary maternal women.Also, like sugar, some pregnant mothers in their early 20s may say that they do n’t want to do, but they must do it.Because elderly women are more prone to pregnancy complications, such as pregnancy hypertension and diabetes.

In addition, the doctor told her from the first examination of her first pregnancy that she was an elderly mother and her physical condition was not as good as young pregnant mothers in their 20s.After pregnancy, it is prone to miscarriage, fetal malformations and premature birth, so that she must pay attention to rest, and she must be regularly performed.Therefore, she always cares about.Especially every time she went to the birth check, the doctor frowned, and she was always worried about what abnormalities in the fetus.

Indeed, because there are many abnormal conditions for the elderly, doctors must ask a few more words.Moreover, it will pay special attention during the checkup.In addition, the elderly women are prone to pregnancy hypertension and gestational diabetes. Therefore, the doctor’s examination doctors will inevitably talk about the situation and let pregnant mothers pay more attention.Therefore, each of the old -age mothers is daring, for fear of serious problems, or any new problems, it affects the mood during pregnancy, and naturally rejects the production inspection.

In the end, my friend said that he didn’t want to go to the birth check -in, mainly because he had to take care of Dabao, not as if there were no children in the tip of the fetus. Even if there was no family, he would go alone.But there is a big treasure that needs to take care of it, and the checkup is particularly time, and sometimes she can’t get away.Moreover, because there is always a person who takes a person to see Dabao at home, her second child checks are basically done by herself.However, with a big belly, it is very tired to queue and get results.

Really, the second childbirth check is more difficult than the first child.In particular, the family members think that they already have experience, and they are not so attentive. They will not be careful when they are like a tip, and accompany the production inspection again.The pregnant mother is alone, and the birth check will be tossing for a long time to a day.

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