Why do most mothers have back pain after giving birth?Doctor: It ’s not that confinement is not done well. These reasons are the key

After the production of many mothers, she feels back pain. When the confinement of the confinement, some mothers still have no symptoms, and some Baoma will be scared in her heart. I am afraid that my confinement will not be done well, and the confinement disease will be dropped.In fact, many young mothers now choose to confinement in a scientific way, and the chance of confinement is still very low.After giving birth, back pain and back pain actually have a lot to do with these reasons. Mothers who suffer from suffering can find out as soon as possible.

Before the waist burden on the waist

Pregnant women are pregnant for a long time. Generally, the baby will be born until ten months.During this pregnancy, the uterus is slowly supported by the fetus, the waist will bear a lot of pressure, and the center of gravity of the body will lean forward, and the muscles of the mother’s waist and the spine will be affected.After giving birth to a baby, if you do not insist on postpartum repair training, the mother’s waist muscles are relaxed and recovery will be slow, and back pain will occur.

Hormone in the body affects the pelvis during pregnancy

We all know that in addition to the larger belly after pregnancy, the hormone level in the body will also change greatly.Affected by estrogen, the pelvic joints of expectant mothers will expand, and the muscles around the pelvis will become relaxed, which will cause the pregnant mothers to be uncoordinated.After production, the level of hormone in the body is rapidly decreased. The body of the pregnant mother may have problems such as muscle soreness and spasm. In severe cases, the joints of the waist will cause inflammation. Moms often feel back pain when they usually move.However, low back pain affected by hormones is generally improved significantly in about 4 months after giving birth. Moms do not have to worry too much.

Postpartum abdominal muscle contraction ability is poor

When the maternal production, the fetus squeezes the uterus hard to cause the uterus to offset. When the baby passes through the birth canal, the mother usually uses the abdomen to be very hard to make the production process more smooth, so that the muscles will be damaged.The contraction ability of abdominal muscles will be affected, which will cause uterine reset to be more difficult and cause back pain after giving birth.Moms who have given birth to children know that many nurses will press their mother’s stomach after delivery, mainly to help the uterus can be successfully reset and reduce the sequelae of mothers after giving birth.Therefore, when pressing the belly, pregnant mothers must not escape.

Keep a unified posture for a long time to feed

The mother’s body is weak after giving birth. If she uses the same posture for a long time to feed, or if she is not feeding, she will cause back pain.Moms can put a pillow on the waist when breastfeeding to avoid the waist stress, the spine is affected, and the waist pain occurs.In addition, if the mother eats too much during confinement and the weight increases, it will also cause a great burden on the waist.

In short, most of the postpartum mothers are prone to low back pain, most of which are caused by bad habits in life. Moms should actively do some repair exercises and pay attention to the usual lifestyle habits. I believe that they can get rid of the pain of waist pain soon.

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