Why do pregnant women almost have constipation?There are three main reasons for constipation. The sooner you know, the better

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When pregnant women are in Huaibao, the level of hormone in the body will change sharply, and the physical functions of various items are changing, so as the saying goes: "Pregnancy can change the physical health and appearance of a woman."

Good maintenance during pregnancy may make the body healthier than before. If there is a difference, the physical condition is not as good as before after giving birth to the baby.

Among them, the most annoying pregnant woman is constipation. The pregnant woman is with the baby, and it will be inconvenient to go to the toilet. If the hemorrhoids are added, it is really uncomfortable.And long -term constipation can lead to excessive accumulation of toxins in the body, which has a adverse effect on both pregnant women and babies.

What are the causes of pregnant women?

The following will reveal the "culprit" of pregnant women’s constipation.

First, pregnant women eat too little dietary fiber and plant fiber.

During pregnancy, everyone always wants to make up for it fiercely. The family takes care of the diet of the pregnant woman. The mother -in -law often allows pregnant women to eat a lot of supplementary ingredients for her grandson.

Therefore, big fish and meat are always provided at the dining table. Often, the seemingly inconspicuous vegetables and fruits are ignored. After a long time, the intestinal movement is slow, and constipation will naturally occur.

Second, pregnant women lack exercise.

I always be careful when I am pregnant, and I will hurt my baby when I am afraid of moving.Many pregnant women insist on the principle of "being able to lie down and never stand, never stand by", so that the amount of exercise in a day is reduced.

In particular, some novice mothers are completely at a loss during pregnancy and often lying in bed and dare not exercise. This has led to a decrease in the body’s metabolic rate and weakening the excretion ability.

Third, the hormones of pregnant women have changed too much.During pregnancy, a large amount of estrogen will be secreted, and the corresponding gastric parts will also be reduced, which will lead to insufficient stomach motility and worse peristalsis.In addition, you have to eat too much during pregnancy. Slowly, you will accumulate too much food and form constipation.During pregnancy, the uterus becomes larger, the capacity of the abdominal cavity decreases, the space of the intestinal canal will be reduced, and the intestinal peristalsis will be limited, which is prone to constipation.

For the reasons for the formation of constipation above, the following points can effectively reduce the distress of constipation:

1. Pay attention to reasonable matching diet

"Make up" during pregnancy is of course important, but while eating some big fish and meat, add more foods containing dietary fiber.For example: Fresh vegetables and fruits such as celery, leek, sweet potatoes, and vegetables must be matched with daily diet. Do not eat meat food.

In addition, it is necessary to replenish water, and the physical function cannot lack moisture at any time. Supplementary moisture is not only conducive to defecation, but also better maintains good skin texture.

2. Appropriate exercise

Although it is not as fierce as usual during pregnancy, you can choose some low -intensity exercises, such as: walking. If you have conditions, you can also ask a professional yoga teacher to class, do some pregnancy yoga, pregnant women’s dance, etc.

Doing some proper exercise can enhance the physique of pregnant women, and it is also conducive to the natural delivery of pregnant women. Motion can also effectively alleviate the negative emotions of pregnant women and reduce fatigue.

During pregnancy, it is not impossible to exercise. Female star Chen Yihan was still running for five or six months when she was pregnant. When she gave birth to a baby, she was smoothly produced, and her body recovered rapidly after delivery.Not all pregnant women have a way to imitate her long -distance running, but properly doing some exercise that suits you is still very helpful for pregnant women.

3. Drugs

If constipation is serious, you can choose some drugs for treating constipation appropriately, such as: Kaisu often used in constipation.However, due to a special period during pregnancy, you must consult a doctor in advance before taking the medication. Under the guidance of a professional physician, you must not use the medicine during pregnancy.

Long -term constipation not only leads to poor physical fitness in pregnant women, but also affects the healthy development of the baby. The dangers of constipation cannot be ignored.

The above methods of alleviating constipation are hoped that they can help pregnant mothers. In the future, we can pay more attention to diet and exercise in the future. Try to reduce the occurrence of long -term constipation. If constipation occurs, do not be too nervous. Just find the right method to solve it slowly.

【Warm Anthology】

During the process of pregnancy, the influence of progestin is affected by constipation in addition to constipation, and may also encounter all kinds of uncomfortable situations.However, you must remember not to feel irritable and anxious. At this time, you can look at the relevant knowledge, listen to the doctors’ suggestions, and you can get more scriptures from those who come over.As long as you are in your heart, you can deal with it calmly even if you encounter similar situations.”盟”

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