Why do some people have a long menstrual cycle and some people have a short cycle?Which one will go menopaly in advance?One article tells clearly

Women are facing menstruation every month after adolescence, and menstruation is regular uterine bleeding.Under normal circumstances, the menstrual cycle is 28 to 35 days. The length of the menstrual cycle varies from person to person. It is a normal range in advance or 7 to 10 days. The regularity of menstruation is normal.But there are also many women who are wondering why some people have a long menstrual cycle, but some people have a short menstrual cycle. May wish to take a look.

1. Different follicle maturity speed

The menstrual cycle is a 25 -day woman compared with the menstrual cycle for 35 days, and the follicle maturity is different.The former has a fast rate of follicle maturity. Due to the short cycle, the maturity speed is fast, and the menstruation can come quickly.

2. There is a different chance of fertility

As we all know, the maturity of follicles is related to the chance of fertility.Generally, the shorter the menstrual cycle, the higher the chance of successful pregnancy; if the women’s menstrual cycle is long, it should be born within the best fertility range, that is, between 23 and 30 years old, so as not to decrease with age and number of eggs.

Women’s menopause time is indeed related to the length of the menstrual cycle. Usually, women with a short menstrual cycle can be advanced in advance because the number of eggs is decreased, and the menopause time is about 45 to 55 years.But don’t worry too much. This is a process that every woman must go through. During the period, adjust the diet, pay more attention to rest, and keep a peaceful mentality.

1. Dummy ovary syndrome

Women who have fertility are high -risk groups of polycystic, and insulin androgens in their bodies will be secreted in large quantities, which makes menstrual disorders.In addition, suffering from hyperthyroidism or hyperthyroidism will also affect the menstrual cycle.

2. Too much pressure

Long -term carrying pressure can stimulate insulin and cortisol secretion, disturb the transmission of information between ovarian and brain, and cause changes in menstrual periods. Suddenly changing the method of contraception will cause hormone levels to change, causing vaginal continuous bleeding.

3. Place the in -palace for birth in the palace

The intra -palace -saving device with hormones can reduce menstrual blood or delay the menstrual cycle, or extend the menstrual cycle, but after the body adapts, menstruation will gradually recover.

4. Do strenuous exercise

Making severe exercise can reduce the level of progesterone and estrogen, and cannot better regulate the menstrual period, which leads to menstrual disorders.In this case, nutrition should be replenished reasonably, providing sufficient energy for the body, appropriate calcium and phosphorus, while reducing the amount of exercise.

5. Undaled uterine fibroids

Although uterine fibroids are benign, fibroids growing under the mucous membrane can cause lower abdomen and pelvic pain, and the amount of menstrual flow is large.

6, menopause

After women enter the menopausal period, the reproductive cycle gradually stops, and the secretion of progesterone and estrogen is reduced, making menstruation irregular, so that menstruation completely disappears.

Kind tips

It can be seen that there are no major problems with a short menstrual cycle or a long menstrual cycle, as long as the menstrual rules are enough.Women should pay attention to hygiene and care during menstrual periods to avoid the same room and change their underwear and sanitary napkins; eat more foods containing high -quality protein and vitamins and minerals during menstruation to alleviate menstrual discomfort;Essence

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