Why do women feel that their bodies hurt when they are pregnant?This is not arrogant, there is a reason

Many women have such a touch. After pregnancy, they are uncomfortable with their bodies. They feel that they hurt everywhere. They say too much to their families. They will still say that they are too aggressive. Which woman is not from this stage.However, this uncomfortable feeling is not in anyone, who can’t feel, as a woman, this feeling of suffering, only those who are experiencing this stage can be considerate.

With the increase in the month of pregnancy, the cheekbones of pregnant mothers will gradually increase, which will inevitably cause pelvic pain, and this pain will continue to increase. Some novice mothers think they are caused by cold.In a process of pregnancy, I felt backache at the beginning, and then the buttocks started to hurt. In the third trimester, the whole cheekbone started to pain. This is also a slow expansion of the cheekbones to prepare for production.

Some pregnant mothers’ breasts will also be uncomfortable. In the same reason, the influence of progesterone in the receptor after pregnancy, and the breasts are gradually becoming larger, preparing for breastfeeding after the production of pregnant mothers.

This kind of changes in your own body can’t feel it, so instead of giving your husband a complaint, it is better to do the following points, so that you can easily spend the whole pregnancy:

Wear some loose and comfortable underwear

The whole pregnancy is getting bigger during my chest and crotch, so once you know that you are pregnant, say goodbye to your previous underwear, go to the nursery shop to buy some pregnant women’s underwear, and you must observe the changes in your body.Replace the large underwear at any time, so that your body can not be restrained and reduce the discomfort.

Do some decompression exercises in an appropriate amount

Many pregnant women are accustomed to resting in bed for a long time during pregnancy. In fact, this is not good for the body, and it is not conducive to production in the third trimester.In the early pregnancy, conditional pregnant women can do some pregnant women yoga, aerobic exercise, etc. under the guidance of professional institutions. This can relieve the tension of their bodies and relax the whole body and mind in a timely manner.EssenceIn addition, pregnant women should walk more and do not sit for a long time. This can reduce the pain of the pelvis. Staying more is conducive to the final production.

Keep a good mood

Pregnant mothers are relatively sensitive throughout pregnancy, and sometimes I have grumpy and ups and downs, so we must remind our pregnant mothers here to pay attention to converging their temper and maintain a good mood.If you become irritable, your baby will feel it in your stomach, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of your baby.

In addition, a good mood can also divert our attention, and will not think about it a day, and the time is faster.It is a very happy thing to bred a baby. Our expectant mothers must seriously enjoy the process of being integrated with the baby. After all, thinking that the baby is cute after birth, pregnant mothers will feel that these pains are nothing.

Finally, we still want to remind our prospective dad. In the special period of his wife, you must do a good job of logistics support. Do not provoke his wife to be angry.Disposal, fulfill the responsibility of being a husband.

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