Why do you dizzy and suddenly fainted?Menstrual women or pregnant women, don’t take these seriously

The stress of modern people, to be honest, is getting bigger and bigger. Whether it is work or learning, many times everyone will ignore physical problems.Many people often dizzy. I may think that anemia does not think a lot, but if the situation is seriously fainted, it may attract a lot of people’s attention and start thinking about whether there is a problem with their bodies.In fact, there are many reasons for sudden fainting. In terms of Chinese medicine, there are specific points:

1. Brain syncope

It is due to the blood vessels of the brain, or the blood vessels that mainly supply the blood of the brain, and cyclic disorders occur, which causes the short -term brain in lack of blood supply.It is more common in the elderly. Common causes are short -term brain ischemia, brain stem syllabus, and arteriitis.Prevention measures are to prevent cerebrovascular arteriosclerosis, reduce cerebrovascular spasm, regular medication, and regular review.

2. Vascular vagilulation syncope

This is the most common, mostly on young people, and often has a fixed causes during the attack, such as urination, cough, pain, emotional tension, fear, stuffy weather, strenuous exercise, and empty stomach.

Sometimes the syncope sometimes recovers without any symptoms before the attack, without sequelae, and sometimes slow blood pressure and/or heart rate. This syncope is usually under the guidance of a doctor. Most people can cure it through special exercise.Drug or heart pacemaker treatment.

3. Heartogenic syncope

It refers to the sudden decrease in heart discharge caused by heart disease, or syncope caused by suspension, which is mostly caused by arrhythmia and organic heart disease.Daily syncope is common in the elderly. It lasts long and dangerous. The elderly who have heart diseases should communicate and treat with cardiovascular physicians.wait.

4. Uphilated hypotension syncope

Such symptoms are more common in the elderly or long -term bed, which shows the sudden changes in the position, and then appear at a miraculous.Prevention measures are to stand slowly or support when standing, and should not squat for a long time.

1. Age factor.At the age of that age, the self -adjustment function of the blood vessels, including the contraction function, was affected. In the case of squatting or sitting, suddenly standing up blood pressure will change.Performance.Therefore, suddenly from sitting to the standing position, the main reason is caused by posture hypotension.The way to prevent is not to get up too fast, and you must stand up slowly. If you have this medical history, you must strengthen prevention. Note that this can also avoid many dangers.

2. Physical factors.Anemia, hypotension, hypoglycemia, malnutrition and other people with weak bodies are also prone to dizziness.These people should pay attention not to stand up suddenly, the movements should be slow.If this happens, you don’t have to panic too much. Generally, you only need to rest a little. Through the movement of the bones, the heart can return to normal, and the phenomenon of dizziness will gradually disappear.Just pay more attention.You can also go to the hospital for blood routine, blood sugar, trace elements, etc., and do the corresponding treatment after confirmation.Pay attention to diet, supplement nutrition, and do not die too much.Pay attention to exercise and enhance physical fitness.

3. Position factors.Standing up dizzy, considering the symptoms caused by squatting for a long time and suddenly standing up.Because suddenly standing can easily lead to hypoxia and lack of blood, which causes dizziness.You must participate in more physical exercise and enhance your physique, and you must ensure sufficient sleep time.If you are squatting for a long time, you must slowly get up.

4. Diseases.Causes of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.The situation of dizziness in the shares is relatively frequent. It is recommended to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination to see if there are cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and active treatment.

Anemia is the most common cause of induction. Because girls have more blood loss during the holidays, they may cause temporary anemia and prone to symptoms such as fatigue, fatigue, and dizziness.You can usually eat some foods that nourish blood, such as peanuts, red dates, longan, etc., to ensure the balance of diet.Pay attention to keep warm, avoid cold abdomen, try not to stay up late to ensure sufficient sleep.

There are many factors for fake dizziness, and it may also be caused by women’s endocrine disorders, because during menstruation, women’s immunity is low, the body is fragile, and it is easily attacked by the disease, which affects the health of the body.In addition, hypotension and hypoglycemia can also cause dizziness during menstruation.

The harm of dizziness is very huge, so we should attract enough attention. For patients with dizziness, we should learn more about medical history and comprehensive physical examination. If necessaryCerebral spinal fluid examination, skull or cervical spine X -ejiao photography, electrocomputer, electrochemical, and CT scanning of the cranioceree to detect the cause.

As the saying goes: the body is the capital of the revolution. If we want to have a healthy body, it is important to do a good job of daily prevention. If dizziness symptoms occur during menstruation, female friends must not take it lightly and actively go to the hospital for examination, diagnosis and treatmentUsually eat more nutritious food, appropriate blood, pay attention to rest, and strengthen sleep.

1. Dizziness caused by stood hypertrophy

Actively go to the hospital for examination and treatment. Pay attention to rest, closely monitor the state of the mother, intermittent oxygen absorption, the diet includes sufficient protein, calories, no salt and liquid, and appropriate salt to those who are edema of the whole body.

2. Dizziness caused by iron deficiency anemia

Specific mothers with iron deficiency anemia are prone to tissue hypoxia or even heart failure, leading to the advent of dizziness. In this case, it will also lead to an increase in the chance of premature birth and delay in development.Expectant mothers should eat more iron -rich foods, and supplement iron supplements under the guidance of a doctor if necessary.

3. Dizziness caused by hypoglycemia

Pay attention to nutritional intake, and eat three meals a day, especially breakfast.Usually pay attention to eating more foods of high protein and high carbohydrates. You can also bring some biscuits, yogurt, fruit, candy, etc. with you daily. Once you are dizzy, you can ease discomfort immediately when you eat something.

4. Dizziness caused by hypotension

Do not stand up at once when you are sitting or lying, try to slow the movement as much as possible to avoid insufficient blood supply to the brain.Drink plenty of boiled water to increase blood capacity. When bathing, the water temperature should not be too high to prevent blood pressure from dilating blood pressure.When dizziness, it is best to sit down or lie on the left side.

If the expectant mother only has a mild dizziness symptoms occasionally, don’t worry too much, but if the dizziness is serious and the duration is long, then the expectant mother must not look at it., So as not to cause accidents and cause damage to the mother and fetus.

1. Separate syndrome

Due to the increase in the uterus in the third trimester, the diaphragm can rise, and the heart can move the heart and move the heart to the left.At the same time, the increased uterus can compress the lower cavity veins and block the flow of veins. The blood volume of the heart is reduced, and the volume of the heart fight is reduced.Essence

This situation is even more obvious when the supine or half -lying position, and the symptoms are reduced when the side lying or standing position.If a long -term supine or semi -lying position, it can also cause the lower limb varicose veins, ankle edema, and the formation of hemorrhoids.Therefore, women in the third trimester should try to take a flat position as much as possible.

2. Hypoglycemia

Symptoms such as hand tremor and cold sweat.

3. Physiological anemia

Due to the increase in plasma during pregnancy, more than the increase in red blood cells, the blood is relatively diluted, and the amount of red blood cells and the amount of hemoglobin decreased, resulting in physiological anemia.In addition, red blood cells during pregnancy, fetal growth, changes in tissue organs of pregnant women, and iron that need more metabolism, etc., which also causes physiological anemia, which causes symptoms such as dizziness, dazzling, and weakness.

In the last 3 months of pregnancy, the fetus grows fast and needs adequate nutrition, so at this time, pregnant women must pay attention to daily diet, do not eat or restrict diet, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, salty, do not excessively eat, eat less less, eat less less, eat less less, less eat less, eat less less, eat less and eat less,Steel, choose easy -to -digest foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, and eggs are essential.

1. Stay in bed

When dizziness occurs, don’t be too panic. At this time, you should rest in a quiet rest in time to relax the whole body. Do not wear tight clothes. Once such symptoms occur, do not shake your head, otherwise you will increase the degree of dizziness.Therefore, rest at this time is the most important and the simplest way to treat dizziness.

2. Medical treatment

Dizziness may also be caused by certain diseases, such as caused by some peripheral vestibular system diseases, or caused by vestibular cranial neuritis. Generally, these symptoms are relatively mild, and the initial phenomenon of dizziness will occur. At this timeDon’t take the medicine blindly, you need to go to the hospital for examination and treatment to relieve the pain caused by the disease. Therefore, when you encounter dizziness in daily life, you must go to the doctor in time.Treatment.

3. Massage head

If dizziness is because of the relationship between moving the head, it may be dizziness caused by the movement of the head position. As long as the head of the head is turned, it will be more serious. At this timeRelieve the symptoms of dizziness.

Symptoms of dizziness in daily life must be rested in time. Patients have timely patients to go to the hospital for treatment in a timely manner. Finding the specific causes of the right medicine, timely treatment and care to avoid causing other symptoms, allowing the body to restore health as soon as possible, eliminate dizziness, and dizziness.symptom.

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