Why do you feel cold and hot after pregnancy? What is going on?Is this situation normal?

Some women become very sensitive to temperature after pregnancy.Sometimes I am afraid of heat, and I need to cover a thick quilt at night, and sometimes I am afraid of cold.What is going on?

In fact, there are many women who are afraid of cold in the early pregnancy. This is mainly related to the following aspects:

1. A reaction in the early pregnancy, coupled with the nutrition of the pregnant mother, I did not keep up, my physique became weakened, and naturally I was afraid of cold.

2. After pregnancy, women want more care and care, and their psychology becomes very sensitive. I want to get more warm care for her husband.

3. Calcium deficiency and iron deficiency.Calcium deficiency can directly affect the telescopic and excitement of myocardium, blood vessels, and muscles. If you deficiency, it will easily lead to anemia.The lack of these two trace elements will reduce the coldness of pregnant mothers, which is more afraid of cold than normal people.

4. Low thyroid function, eating iodine -containing foods to supplement iodine have a certain effect on alleviating the fear of cold in the early stages of pregnancy.

Small reminder: Early pregnancy is a very critical period. Pregnant mothers must take protection measures to make themselves at a comfortable temperature, while also strengthening nutrition and resistance.

Why is the pregnant mother afraid of fever in the middle and late pregnancy?The reason is that there are mainly the following aspects:

1. After the early pregnancy reaction is over, the pregnant mother’s appetite has improved and eats more, which can provide more energy to the body. Therefore, the pregnant mothers at this time are not afraid of cold, but they are more afraid of heat.

2. In the middle and late pregnancy, because the blood volume in the pregnant mother’s body is about 40%higher than before, the blood flow is also much more increased than usual, and the blood flow will bring calories.To go, the sweat of pregnant mothers will increase a lot, and it is easier to be afraid of heat.

3. In the middle and late pregnancy, because the mother needs to secrete more hormones to promote the development of the fetus. At this time, the body temperature will increase than usual. Therefore, it will be easier to feel hot and afraid of heat.

4. As soon as the more pregnancy, the more the fetus’s development is also increasingly perfected, and heat will also produce heat. At this time, the pregnant mother is like holding a small furnace. Can you not feel hot?

Small reminder: Although pregnant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy are more likely to be afraid of heat, the resistance at this time is lower than usual. Therefore, pregnant mothers must not be greedy, and they must pay attention to the changes in the weather.As a result, the impact on the fetal treasure is very great.

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