Why do you have to shave the hair below?so awkward!But there are many benefits!

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Two days ago, I visited the cousin who was sitting in confinement. When I didn’t expect to enter the door, I pulled me to say that I encountered a super embarrassing thing when I gave birth: when my husband said to shave the hair below during pregnancy, the child came out.I rejected solemnly!After all, don’t like it!

However, after going to the bed, the nurse began to shave me, and from time to time, he said: Oh, someone else used a razor, and you used three.At that time, there was a house in a house. Do you know the area of my psychological shadow at that time?It’s awkward!I can’t wait to pull my face and put it in my pocket!

After listening to the cousin’s experience, she almost laughed and shed tears.However, this is also a question that many expectant mothers will encounter: Why should there be a child to shave the hair below?In fact, the benefits after shaving are a lot:

1. It is convenient for surgery to perform smoothly.

Whether it is childbirth or other surgical surgery, the hair of the relevant parts must be shaved first to facilitate visual surgery, and the hair is also avoided in the body, forming unnecessary trouble.

Therefore, the nurse will shave your hair before surgery, and it is also called -prepared.

2. Easy to clean.

Especially after a cesarean section, it is easy to disinfect and intervene in the ureter. It is easy to do without hair. Once the wound appears abnormal, it can be seen at a glance.

In addition, postpartum dew is constantly, and you don’t have to worry about a bunch of solidifying blood on the hair when shaving your hair!

3. Protect your baby’s health.

Don’t look at our health, in fact, we carry more than 10 billion bacteria!Especially the most powerful parts such as groin and armpit are the most.

When the baby comes out of the belly, it is easy to be "raged" by bacteria on these parts. For mothers, the chance of infection can also be reduced.

So "cleaning" the expectant mother is very necessary!

4. Prepare for side -cut and caesarean section.

I am afraid of exceptions.Many expectant mothers who want to give birth may not be as expected. If some unexpected situations cannot be performed in the middle, then they have to be cut or even caesarean section!

Unexpectedly, it is often a matter of seconds. It may be a matter of time. At that time, it may be a waste of life!

Although it is really embarrassing to shave before giving birth, especially if the hair is particularly many or the male doctor shaved, it is almost a face!But these are good for yourself and your baby.It is best to let my husband shave in advance, it really doesn’t work, let’s have given birth to the child as soon as possible!

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