Why do you still come to "Aunt" when you are pregnant?

As a woman, we all know that there will be an aunt once a month. It is a good opportunity for women to beauty and beauty. It can promote the excretion of women’s waste.

Most women know that "good friends" will not patronize after pregnancy, but some expectant mothers will have bleeding phenomenon during 1-2 months of pregnancy. Generally, there are less menstrual flow and no symptoms of discomfort.This situation is undoubtedly worried about expectant mothers. Is there something wrong with the baby?

Why do you have menstruation after pregnancy?

Experts explain that we all know that once women do not have menstruation, there are also some women in the early stage of pregnancy, and some women will still have menstruation in the early stages of pregnancy. Many women worry that there are any problems in the baby in the belly.I am afraid that the baby will be hurt.

So what is the menstruation that expectant mothers appear in the early stages of pregnancy?

A few women will find in the early stages of pregnancy that there will be a small amount of bleeding in the menstrual cycle.Discover this situation, don’t panic, bleeding is not an individual. Many pregnant women have encountered during pregnancy, and some people’s bleeding will continue the entire pregnancy.Many gynecological diseases can have similar symptoms.

Extra pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy) can also occur after menopause, and it is necessary to distinguish between threatened abortion.If there are symptoms such as abdominal pain and other abnormalities, you should consult as soon as possible.If the doctor excludes a small amount of bleeding caused by threatened abortion, ex -ex -miscarriage, and ectopic pregnancy, hydatidal tires, etc., you can think that the cause of bleeding is the physiological reaction of the pregnancy of the pregnant egg, or it may also be the role of the body’s inhibitory of normal menstruation.completely.Most pregnant women have begun to improve the placenta function after 3 pregnancy months, and this bleeding will stop

Therefore, when bleeding occurs, expectant mothers should not scare themselves. They should go to the relevant examination in time and make it clear that if they are only caused by the physiological reactions of the pregnant egg, they do not have to panic.

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