Why do you want to go to the toilet as soon as you drink water, but some people have no intention to drink a lot?Is there a problem with kidney?

Every morning, 99% of people will choose "urination". It is not only the "by -product" of human metabolism, but also the barometer of our health.

Water is the source of life. How much water we drink a day and how much urination we represent a certain reaction of the body.

01 How many glasses do we have to drink a day?

Regarding the problem of drinking water, everyone has heard about drinking eight glasses of water every day.What is the concept of the eight glasses of water?What is the corresponding cup?

1. How much water should one drink every day?

In the "Chinese Resident Dietary Guide 2016", it is recommended that adults’ average daily drinking water is 1500-1700ml. If the capacity of a cup is about 200ml, it takes 7-8 cups.

Under normal circumstances, the water we consume a day (including drinking water, water in the food, etc.) is 1500ml-2500ml, and the discharge is 1500ml-2500ml. Basically, the human water is a state of dynamic balance.

2. Should everyone drink so much water every day?

The above number is the standard for ordinary adults. For those who exercise violently, 8 cups of water may not be enough.In addition, when sweating in summer or drying in autumn, you need to drink more water.

In addition, some diseases will also affect the drinking water, so drinking a few glasses of water is completely determined according to personal needs.

02 Do you want to go to the toilet as soon as you drink water. Is it kidney deficiency?

Many people should have such an experience. Usually, after drinking the water for a while, they want to go to the toilet. Many people also find a doctor because of this, and feel that they want to go to the toilet as soon as they drink water.

But this is actually a good thing for some people, indicating that kidney urination is fast.And the real kidney is not good, in fact, it is more urine, but not more urine.

1. How long does it take to go to the toilet after drinking water?

The time from drinking water to urination is not very fixed, and there are many influencing factors, such as whether there are many factors such as whether water is short of water, salty or light, climate, temperature, emotion, and activity.

Water forms urine in the body. The shortest only takes 6 to 8 minutes, and the maximum is about 120 minutes.But in general, it takes 30-45 minutes of water to become urine.

Everyone has individual differences, that is, the same thing always happens to us.Then why do some people drink a lot of water and do not go to the toilet, and some people run to the toilet when they drink a small mouthful?

The following reasons are the following two points:

The first is: physiological issues

The supervisor’s urination behavior is the urinary system in our body. Once there is a problem with the urinary system, such as a bacterial infection, there will be frequent urination, of courseI have to seek medical treatment in time.

The second is: caused by individual differences.

Of course, this individual differences also include many passive factors.for example:

肌 The bladder sphincter is too pine

The operation of everyone’s urinary circuit system is the same. The intake of water is absorbed by the body and finally formed urine to store it in the bladder. Only after reaching a certain amount can they send a signal to the brain.

The bladder is like a balloon, which is very flexible and can store more urine, so it will not urinate immediately after drinking water.However, if the sphincter of the bladder is relaxed, then a little urine will make the muscle of the bladder feel burden, and the nerve instructions are continuously passed on to the brain and said they want to pee.

In addition, after many people go to age, muscles have no elasticity and strength when they are young, and the problem of relaxation of bladder sphincter will also occur.There is also a postpartum woman, because having children will have various compression or even tear on the muscles at the bottom of the pelvic cavity, so that the problem of relaxation of bladder muscles is most likely to cause dyspnea.

小 Bladder is naturally smaller

Each of us has individual differences. If some people are born with small bladder, then a little urine will also be full of bladder.

Therefore, this is why some people go to the toilet when they drink a little water.

习 The habit of drinking water and urination

Some people usually do not get used to drinking water, and they have to wait until they are particularly thirsty. After a long time, the bladder will adapt to the environment of water shortage.Once there is water flow and suddenly stimulates, urine will occur.

03 What is going on with no intention of drinking water?

People with no urine may first have a large bladder, more urine stored, and less urine times.In addition, there are the following reasons that cause more water to drink water without urine:

1. People who exercise frequently

Those who often exercise will be faster for energy and moisture, and the water will be metabolized quickly when entering the body. With sweating, there will be no urine.

2. Being in a state of extreme water shortage

At this time, replenish water, the renal tube will first absorb a large amount of water, and the urine formed is relatively small, so it may be difficult to have a sense of urine after drinking a lot of water.

3. There is a habit of urination

If you usually urinate, the sensitivity of the bladder will decrease. Even if you drink a lot of water, your body can adapt, and it will not cause urine so fast.

4. Diseases factors

There are actually many diseases that can cause reduced urine output, such as abnormal heart function, decreased renal function, and urinary tract blocking. Therefore, I find that I always drink water but rarely go to the toilet., Eliminate the possibility of getting lost as soon as possible.

Before going to bed, do you go to the toilet?Well, even if there is no urine.

04 Want to go to the toilet before going to bed, is it sick?

Be sure to go to the toilet before going to bed?How many drops do you have to go to the toilet even if you do n’t have urine?Do you dare to say that you have such a painful experience?

This kind of obsessive -compulsive behavior is sometimes tortured by people. Is it a disease?

1. Different bladder sensitivity is different

People with poor bladder sensitive function are not obvious about urine, and they can’t feel it. What toilet is still on!

And some people who are more sensitive to urine, have a little urine and difficult to sleep, so go to the toilet before going to bed.

2. Don’t get up in the middle of the night

The stimulation of bladder urination can affect sleep, promote awakening, or affect dreams, causing to get up to the toilet in the middle of the night.

Therefore, in order to get up in the middle of the night, I worked hard the night before, and ran a few more times to do the toilet!

3. It may be caused by your father and mother

When I was young, many parents asked their children to pee before going to bed.Countless training of urine before going to bed has established a firm connection for sleeping and urine.

The deep -rooted condition reflexes that have been trained from a young age are how miserable it is to pit us!

Therefore, do n’t be afraid to pee before going to bed. This is not a disease. At most, it is just a psychological conflict.

But if you keep looping to complex urine!This is going to happen!

According to the definition of the International Urine Control Association (ICS): After falling asleep from night to wake up the next day, the wake -up and urination during this period is nighturia. Clinically, urination at night is ≥ 2 times, even if it is frequent.

There are many reasons for the increase in yin urine:

Non -disease causes: for example, because of too much water, or because of seasonal reasons, such as winter (decreased due to decrease in sweating, urination will increase), etc.;

Causes of diseases: more complicated, such as kidney disease, urinary tract infection, prostate lesions, gynecological diseases, etc.

If yin urine increases and is accompanied by the following symptoms, you can determine the body’s lesion:

Accompanying fever, pyro urine;

With the inflation of the vulva, the anus falls;

With hematuria, pain in urination;

Difficult urination, frequent urination;

If the above symptoms occur, you must consult the doctor in time, clarify the cause, and targeted treatment ~

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