Why does the breasts be sore? It is usually no different?

I believe that everyone usually has such behaviors. When taking a bath, you can read yourself, appreciate your body, and then press your own breasts. The healthy breasts are uniform in size, tall, and elastic skin.And some women can feel painful. If you touch it carefully, you will find that there are pieces inside, but it is usually no different.Other women are usually joking with their girlfriends, or accidentally hit their chests. Although it is light, it will still hurt for a while, and then the pain disappears naturally.Is these phenomena normal?

First, if sexual life is not satisfied for a long time, because the breasts are slowly congested in sexual life, when the climax is reached, the breast congestion reaches the peak, and the breasts will be very nourished at this time.

If sexual life is not satisfied, breast congestion does not reach its peak, the sex life is over, and breast congestion stops. At this time, breast congestion is not easy to fade, or incomplete fading, and continuous congestion can lead to breast pain.

Second, if a woman in pregnancy is usually about 40 days of pregnancy, at this time, the pills of the fetus begin to develop, and the development of fluff will secrete a large number of estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin.It will increase and produce breast bloating. Some women’s breast bloating and pain will continue the entire pregnancy.

Third, if it is a woman with breastfeeding, because during the breastfeeding process, every time the child eats milk, there will be residual milk in the breast duct.block.

After the breast pipe is blocked, it will affect the discharge of milk. These unspeakable milk accumulates in the breast, forming a hard block of varying sizes.

Fourth, long -term single women, if mental tension, mood depression, or unreasonable diet, too much fat intake, these can change the internal environment of the human body, which will affect the function of the endocrine system, cause abnormal hormone secretion, affect the normal breasts,metabolism.

As a result, the structure, quantity, and form abnormal occurrence of the breasts, forming a lump, may be breast hyperplasia, or breast tumors. It is also necessary to go to the hospital for further examination to determine.

1. Breast pain, with pieces, can make women very troublesome. If it does not hurt, it will cause mental stress and feel unhealthy and incomplete.This mental stress increases the symptoms of the breast and causes a vicious circle.

2. If there is a piece and pain, it will affect work and life.It may also affect the relationship between husband and wife due to this pain, rejection or fear of sex.

3. No matter what you do, let the patients go on. Patients can be accompanied by nipple overflow, and irregular menstruation, bad temper, love, anger, sweating, etc. may develop into more severe breast diseases.

In fact, the severity of breast disease cannot be judged based on whether it is pain.

Medically, breast diseases are common, and they can be divided into: breast hyperplasia, breast cysts, breast nodules, breast fibroma, breast cancer.

Breast hyperplasia:

It usually has something to do with pain, pain, and cutting the menstrual cycle and emotional changes.Sometimes even axillary pain.However, breast hyperplasia is the most common mild breast disease. Generally, it is not necessary to treat it deliberately. As long as you control your emotions and control your diet, you can generally heal automatically.

Breast cyst:

It is mainly due to the benign lesions caused by ovarian dysfunction. The early breast cysts did not have obvious pain. Only when the breast cysts occurred to a certain extent, the patient’s breasts would have pain.Holding feelings, whether you are lying on the side or lying flat when you sleep.

Breast nodules:

Under normal circumstances, patients with breast nodules often accompanied by pain symptoms, that is, breast nodules are accompanied by milk pain.At first, the upper and middle parts of the breasts were the most obvious, with periodicness, and the pain in the menstrual menstrual periods was intensified.In severe cases, they have persistent pain before menstruation.Sometimes the pain radiates to the armpit, shoulders and back, upper limbs, etc.

If the patient has a breast mass but has no pain in touch, it needs to be highly valued, and it may be a malignant tumor.Because benign tumors and most patients with malignant tumors do not have pain symptoms at first, especially early, patients need to be vigilant.

Breast cancer:

Many women have breast pain, tingling, and pain, and they will worry about whether they have breast cancer. In fact, breast pain is not necessarily breast cancer. Most of the early breast pain symptoms are not obvious.Symptoms of pain, tingling, pain, and dull pain.

With the growth of tumors, compression or infiltration into peripheral tissues, lymph nodes are metastasis, common metastasis to armpit, armpit discomfort, even painful pain and even pull pain.

Breast hyperplasia:

Most of women aged 30 to 45 years old.The lumps can be found on one or both sides.Patients felt that the chest was swollen with tumors, poor sleep, irregular shapes, different sizes, varying or oval shapes, and disappearing after menstruation, disappearing after menstruation.

Breast cyst:

Common women around 50.After the chest was impacted by violence, its small blood vessels were split and bleeding formed hematoma, and the blood was absorbed and destroyed and a cyst was formed.Patients feel dull and discomfort. The lumps have no adhesion to the skin in time with their hands. The texture is soft and has a sense of activity.

Breast cancer:

Most breast cancer occurs in women aged 40-60. Among them, women with menopause and menopause and menopause are particularly common. Breast lumps are often the earliest symptoms. The mass is painless, hard on the surface, the surface is not neat, the boundaries are not neat, the boundaries are not limited.clear.However, the lumps grow rapidly, cancer invading surrounding tissue, causing breasts to change, and local skin appears "dimple signs" and orange skin -like changes; early pain is mild, and late periods are intensified.

In the end, I was mainly for inspection reports. I am a deputy chief physician of Chinese medicine, Xiu Xiuying. If you have breast problems, please pay attention to the message.

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