why does toddlers make a fuss


What does fetal hiccup feel

why does toddlers make a fuss

The reason for the hiccup of the fetus

Normal hiccups of fetal hiccups

The fetal hiccup is because the mother eats too much

What is the feeling of snoring fetus

What does the fetal snoring feel? The fetal snoring is actually a conventional exercise performed in the mother’s abdomen. It lasts for 2-3 seconds, lasts 2-5 minutes, and sometimes lasts 20-20 minutes.

The snoring of the fetus is specifically jumping, similar to the heartbeat. The expectant mothers touch the local beats in their hands. They can play a bullet, which is very regular. It feels different from the fetal movement.If mothers feel very careful, they can distinguish between the difference between the two.The fetus sometimes snores in the middle of the night, sometimes snoring in the morning, and then touch him gently. After a few minutes, he will not fight again. It feels good.

What is the problem of fetal snoring

Fetal hiccups are called "snoring" in medicine.Those adults who have suffered cold stimulation, full meals, fast food and hard food may have temporary snoring.

From 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus will continue to swallow amniotic fluid in the mother’s body to exercise the breathing of the lungs, while the alveoli grows in amniotic fluid.Just like adults eat and swallow, there is a thick muscle membrane between the fetal thoracic and abdominal cavity, like a hat called septum, chest and abdominal separation, and other organs of the body.Causes the stimulation to be transmitted to the brain, and the brain will issue instructions, causing the septum to occur in paroxysmal spasm contraction, and then snoring.


According to a report from the new scientist magazine, snoring is caused by the sudden contraction of physical muscles.When these muscles begin to move, tunteritis will turn off the trachea and make a special "snoring" sound.Ultrasonic scan found that unborn fetuses snoring before breathing.

Scientists believe that fetal hiccups are likely to be an early manifestation of mammalian movement, just like toddle children learn to crawl before learning to walk.Baby sucking and snoring are very similar. Turn off in muscle exercise to prevent milk from entering the lungs.

Therefore, pregnant women do not have to be too nervous, and conduct related medical examinations in accordance with regulations. Generally, pay more attention to observing the fetal movement of the fetus, so that the situation is fine.

Pregnant women can actually use the "fetal snoring" phenomenon to monitor changes in the placenta position.When the position of the fetus is the head, the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman is located on the left and right abdomen.However, if the position of jumping is found significantly, the fetus will be transferred to an abnormal fetal position, and it should be corrected as soon as possible under the guidance of a doctor.

By observing the beating of the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman, the position of abnormal fetuses is normal.For example, when the placenta is horizontal or hip, the abdomen of the pregnant woman’s abdomen usually appears in the middle and upper abdomen.If the jump part is found to be significantly reduced, the placenta position may be transferred to the normal position, and there is no need to continue to correct the placenta position or treat it.It should be pointed out that due to the individual differences between the fetus and the pregnant woman, the beating part of the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman has a certain correlation, and it cannot be described as specific and fixed.

Hiccorious fetal hiccups are normal

The hiccups of fetus are normal, just like adults we breathe, because the lungs of the developed baby are not good, so I continue to swallow amniotic fluid and practice swallowing amniotic fluid into the lungs.In fact, it is a way to improve the ability of lung breathing.

Baby hiccups because she eats too much

Many mothers say, do n’t eat too much, or the baby is hypoxia, or what is the reason for the baby’s hiccups? Or is this related to your mother ’s lifestyle, is your own habit that causes your baby to snore?

In fact, this is not the case. For example, sometimes the fetus jumps up when the fetus jumps on the stomach, and sometimes snoring in the morning, so there is no so -called full food to make babies snoring.This is not the habit of mother.It is normal for babies to snoring and sleep with adults.This is a process in his growth process.

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