Why is early pregnancy test negative, but the doctor told me that I was pregnant?

Not long ago, a woman came from the department. I didn’t know that I was pregnant for more than two months. I didn’t know that I was pregnant. I thought I had irregular menstruation.Ask the reason?She said she bought early pregnancy test, and the result was negative.

Yes, family pregnancy test may give you a wrong result.

But why did it happen?The reproductive experts of Luohu Hospital tell you why this happened and what should you do in this case?

What is a fake negative pregnancy test?

If you take a family pregnancy test and you get negative results even during pregnancy, then it is called a fake negative pregnancy test.

The kit detects pregnancy by tracking the hormone gonadotropin (HCG) in the urine to detect pregnancy.If family testing cannot read the level of HCG, fake negative results sometimes occur.

Reason for false negative pregnancy test

1. Premature test: One of the common errors for women is to conduct premature pregnancy tests.In the early stages of pregnancy, the HCG hormone level is still very low, and it may not be found in the test.

The HCG concentration after 9-10 days after ovulation is about 10 mlu / ml.However, with the progress of pregnancy, it increases by 50 % every day to the end of the 10th week to the end of the 10th week.Then it reduces and keeps stable at 20,000mlu / ml.

2. Violation of instructions: If you do not follow the instructions on the kit, you may get the error result.

3. The sensitivity of the kit: The kit can provide different sensitivity levels.Some kits are very sensitive and can detect HCG levels as low as 20miu / ml.However, some can only be detected at more than 50miu / ml.So if your test kit is low -sensitive, then you may not be able to get accurate results.

4. Dilute urine: The impurities in urine mislead the kit.It is best to collect the first urine in the morning for testing.It contains a high -level HCG, which reduces the opportunity for fake negative pregnancy tests.

5. Pharmaceutical impact: If you take allergic drugs or antiepileptic drugs, such as epilepsy, sedative or diuretic, may cause false negative results.

6. Ectopic pregnancy: Extra pregnancy usually occurs on women over 35 years old.In this case, even if a woman is pregnant, she may have fake negative results because the fetus is in the fallopian tube rather than the uterus.This situation is dangerous to the mother and needs to end pregnancy.

If your menstruation is delayed and the family pregnancy test is negative, you can test it in a few days. Maybe your HCG level in your body is gradually increasing. Remember not to use expired products.Maybe you will start your mother’s journey soon!

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