Why is it easy for pregnant women to eat after pregnancy?The "culprit" that leads to fatter is them

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In addition to turning a woman into a mother, the most obvious change of pregnancy is the change of body. No matter how perfect the body is before, once I am pregnant, the figure immediately becomes different from the previous day.

Just like star Zhang Yiyi, the body change before and after pregnancy is simply dare not recognize.In the past, the slender waist and collarbone disappeared. Instead, the thick and strong curves were replaced, and the clearly visible "double chin".

Some people say that this is the most realistic look of pregnancy.Every woman will gain more or less after pregnancy.

After pregnancy, especially in the middle of pregnancy, except for the young girls who have metabolic metabolism, most of the pregnant women, who eat the same thing in time as before pregnancy, their own weight will still rose "".

This is because the placental secretion of hormones can affect the function of insulin, resulting in fat storage power in "double form".

Therefore, during pregnancy, if you want to control your weight without growing or grow slowly, you can only eat it according to the recipes of patients with "diabetes", but for pregnant women, this way of eating is obviously not good.

And some time ago, Zhu Dan gave birth to a second child, and he can see that Zhu Dan was a lot more fat, but she also asked the yoga teacher to eat low -fat food in her diet to control her weight, but so much fat.

Therefore, the stars can still control the weight so professional, let alone our ordinary people.In fact, during pregnancy, it is not obesity caused by more talents, but not like to eat, and pregnancy will still be fat.

There are really too few people who are not fat in life. There are really not many like Lang Lang’s wife Gina, but it depends on everyone’s physique.

1) Pregnancy impact during pregnancy

As mentioned above, after women are pregnant, the hormone level in the body will change significantly.

The secretion of estrogen will increase significantly, causing the pregnant woman’s body to have abnormal metabolism function, which will cause the pregnant woman’s body to gain weight.

In addition, the fetus will actually play a role in promoting the feeding of the mother.In the early stages of pregnancy, in order to prevent the mother from eating something that damaged her health, the fetus would use some hormones to cause the mother’s "pregnancy vomiting".

Nothing that may not be good, even if it tastes dislike, will be "rejected" by the fetus.

But after a period of time, the fetus needs a lot of nutrition to develop. In addition to ingesting the nutrition of the mother, it will constantly send a "hunger" signal to the mother’s body, so that the mother needs to continue to eat in order to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it.The fetus provides nutrition.

Therefore, after pregnancy, pregnant women always like to eat themselves fat, not voluntary, but can’t help but can’t help it.

2) Excess nutrition

After pregnancy, some pregnant women are always worried that their children’s nutrition will not keep up, so they will eat fiercely.

However, after intake of too much nutrients, it cannot be absorbed by the fetus and herself. In addition, the lack of basic exercise in pregnant women leads to excess nutrition, so it will be converted into the body that cannot be digested in the body.

Although the weight gain during pregnancy is normal, the weight growth of pregnant women also needs to be controlled within a reasonable range throughout pregnancy.

Generally speaking, during pregnancy, the scope of the weight growth of pregnant women is determined by the physical conditions of pregnant women, and the normal growth range is between 10-13kg.

If the weight increases too much, it will not be conducive to the health of mothers and fetuses, not only is it not conducive to childbirth, but it is also easy to cause pregnant mothers to have some pregnancy -induced diseases.

1. Appropriate exercise

The appropriate exercise during pregnancy will help pregnant women’s weight control. The exercise will help pregnant women consume excessive fat in the body in time to avoid accumulation of fat in the body.

However, when pregnant women are exercising, they should avoid those exercise with a large amount of exercise, such as jogging and walking are good pregnancy exercises.

2. Reasonable diet

During pregnancy, pregnant women should try to ensure light and digestible as much as possible under the premise of ensuring nutrition. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and at the same time, they cannot picky and partial eclipse.

It is recommended to eat 6 minutes full, eat less meals, and pay attention to controlling the speed of eating.

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