Why is it easy to get vaginitis during pregnancy?Don’t take medicine yourself

Some pregnant mothers often say that they usually pay attention to the hygiene of vulva. How do you feel uncomfortable after pregnancy? What happened?Do you need treatment?

During pregnancy, the estrogen and hormone levels in pregnant mothers are significantly higher than that of non -pregnancy periods. These two hormones work together to vaginal and cervix. The interaction between the two hormones has led to a significant increase in the number of vaginal secretions (leucorrhea) of pregnant mothers.

Vaginal secretions (leucorrhea) contain many nutrients such as sugar.Microorganisms reproduce in this environment, leading to the emergence of vaginitis.Therefore, vaginitis is more likely to suffer from vaginitis than before pregnancy.

The most common during pregnancy is bacterial vaginal disease, fake bacterial vulvar yeast (that is, mold), lymphitis, vaginal trichomoniasis, viral vaginal disease, etc.

If the treatment of vaginitis during pregnancy is not timely, premature placenta breaks, premature birth, intrauterine infection, chorionic amnioxylitis, postpartum endometrial infection, cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

How to judge whether you have vaginitis?Mainly through your own symptoms, your doctor’s physical symptoms after examination, and routine leucorrhea, color, characteristics and smell changes to determine.

See if the secretion (leucorrhea) is normal

One of the common symptoms of vaginitis is abnormal secretions.Check the vania whether the secretion is normal or not.Normal leucorrhea is white paste, or non -color -like leucorrhea. There is not much amount, without any abnormal odor.

If there is abnormal leucorrhea color (yellow hair and green), the nature of the nature (bean slag -like leucorrhea, water -like leucorrhea, foam -like leucorrhea), the abnormal scent (smell), this situation may be infected with vaginitis.

See if there is itching for the vulva

Vulvar itching is the main symptom of pseudo -yeast yeast disease during pregnancy.During the physical examination, it is found that the vagina is full of a large amount of bean slag -like leucorrhea, and the vaginal wall is melimized and edema. Many people still have scratches on the vulva.

What should I do if I have vaginitis during pregnancy?

Pay attention to daily cleaning

The vaginal flora also has a self -regulation function.If compared with normal time, leucorrhea has only a slight change, no itching and pain in the vagina. This situation can be improved without treatment. It will be improved through daily life adjustment.

Pay attention to cleaning the vulva every day, keep the vulva clean and dry, change the underwear every day, and observe for three days first.

Symptoms are seriously recommended to find doctors for medication for treatment

If the daily care and cleaning of 3 days still have not improved, the leucorrhea is abnormally worse, itching and pain, or the leucorrhea has not returned to normal. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time and check the leucorrhea routine.

If necessary, doctors may also prescribe certain therapeutic drugs, such as clingecopomazole vagina, metronidazole, etc. These should be used under the guidance of the doctor.Pregnant mothers should not buy the same medicine by themselves.

Considering the impact of drugs on the fetus, the drugs that can be used under normal circumstances cannot be used during pregnancy.Therefore, the medication should be cautious during pregnancy, and the impact on babies must be considered.

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