Why is sleeping badly when I am pregnant?Perhaps it is for these reasons, you may wish to understand early

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In the past, I slept until the light, but since I was pregnant, the sleep quality of pregnant moms has deteriorated, frequent urination, shallow sleep, dreaming, and even insomnia … These situations have troubled the pregnant mother.Sleeping during pregnancy is not good, which is not good for the physical and mental health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.So I am pregnant, why can’t I sleep well?Let’s take a look at it together.

One: frequent urination in the early pregnancy causes poor sleep:

Many pregnant women have frequent urination in the early stages of pregnancy, and frequent at night leads to poor sleep.Frequent urination is the stage of most pregnant women during pregnancy.

In the first three months of pregnancy, the uterus gradually became larger in the pelvic cavity, causing changes in the relative position of the pelvic cavity, which caused the pressure to withstand the pressure of the bladder to increase the capacity, which caused the prospective mummy to have urine.In the middle of pregnancy, the uterus will be lifted up to the abdominal cavity, and the phenomenon of frequent urination will be improved.But at the end of pregnancy, frequent urination may appear again.

Frequent urination during pregnancy cannot be effectively improved. It can only be relieved as much as possible: Pay attention to keeping the outer pussy during pregnancy, and take a side lying position when sleeping.

Usually replenish water in an appropriate amount, but do not drink too much or drink water. It is best not to drink water within 1-2 hours before going to bed.

With the urination, you should urinate in time. Do not urinate, because some people will affect the function of the bladder because of the long urine time, so that in the end, they cannot urinate by themselves, causing urine retention.

Two: fetal movement in the third trimester causes poor sleep

Many pregnant mothers do not sleep well because of frequent fetal movements.Generally, at 28-32 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal movement is peak, and it gradually decreases after 38 weeks of pregnancy. In the third trimester, the baby is generally entered the basin, and the fetal movement is more limited. It is indeed a distress for expectant mothers.You can do regular check -up, exercise more and polyoxic oxygen. Sometimes the baby’s oxygen score in the palace is abnormal.

Three: How to improve sleep quality during pregnancy

1. First of all, relax.Some pregnant women are not sleeping well. It may be caused by too nervous pregnancy. It is recommended that when the weather is good, go out properly. Don’t be too nervous. Too nervous is not good for the baby’s development.

2. The second is to ensure sleep time.It is best not to stay up late. Stay up late. If you are not good at your baby’s development, strive to rest early at night, it is best to sleep before 10:30 in the evening to ensure 8 hours of sleep time.

3. Choose a suitable sleeping position.Pregnancy generally adopts a left side position, which is conducive to fetal development and placenta cycle.Pregnant women in early pregnancy can sleep according to their comfortable position, but try to choose the left side position as much as possible in the third trimester, which can improve the right rotation of the uterus, thereby reducing the tension of uterine vascular tension, increasing placental blood flow, improving the oxygen supply status of the internal fetus in the uterine fetus, Try to correct it as a side lying before you fall asleep.

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