Why is the belly of others so big after pregnancy, is it very small? Is the fetus developing well?

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When I was pregnant, my belly was particularly small. I was 5 months pregnant. I couldn’t see it at all. At that time, I watched the big belly wives around.I thought the baby had developed errors.In fact, after pregnancy, we always have such doubts or hearts. They either think our belly is big or feel that the belly is too small. After trying it, I find that there are always some people.So big?

The gestational belly is different at the same time, nothing more than these reasons.

Number of fetus

If the twin or polyza of the pregnant, then the stomach must be more than the ordinary people. This situation can be encountered, and the pregnant mother does not need to be stuffy.

Amniotic fluid value

If there is a lot of amniotic fluid, the belly will look large, and the less stomach of the amniotic fluid will look small. The maximum vertical depth of amniotic fluid is more normal at 3-8cm. It is too much higher than 8cm and less than 3cm.Through the B -ultrasound, you will know your amniotic fluid situation, and you must actively improve according to the doctor’s advice.

Pregnant mother constitution

If the pregnant mother is a prone to fat, and more fat, especially on the stomach, the belly will naturally appear large. On the contrary, the thin pregnant mothers who are thinner may not have a big stomach during pregnancy.


The so -called frontal arms are the front of the uterus, and the back of the arms is the back of the uterus. It will show its own uterine position when it is done in B time. Generally speaking, the uterine front is better to conceive, but it is not difficult to find the right position in the uterus.superior.The biggest difference between the front and the back is estimated to be the display of the pregnant belly. The front belly may be relatively obvious, and the back belly is a little small.

Fetal size

This is a factor that needs attention. The size of the fetal development will also affect the pregnant belly. When the B time of B, it will clearly know the development of the fetus. If the small development is small, the pregnant mother must try to replenish nutrition., To avoid dysplasia of the fetus. On the contrary, the fetus must be reasonably controlled.


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