Why is the blood sample of pregnant women restricted exit?Used to identify fetal gender


According to the Voice of China "News" report: There is such a plot in the recently released movie "Spring": parallelists use students to go between Shenzhen and Hong Kong every day to illegally carry mobile phones and other items to make profits.This week, Shenzhen Customs announced a case in real life, which is very similar to this plot.

In Luohu Port in Shenzhen, a 12 -year -old girl was stopped for inspection because of her schoolbag "too bulging". Her schoolbags had 142 blood samples.So, what do she want to take these blood to Hong Kong to do?What kind of interest chain is hidden behind this?

Luohu Customs

The 12 -year -old girl takes a blood -like gown to Hong Kong to get dozens to hundreds of yuan each time "bringing in work expenses"

At the end of February of this year, the outbound passage of Luohu Port in Shenzhen, a student -like little girl attracted the attention of customs officers.

Chen Qiming, deputy chief of the three subjects of Luohu Customs Travel Inspection: "Luohu Port will have a lot of school children every day. Generally, their schoolbags are just putting books, stationery, snacks. This little girl was strange that day.The degree of children’s schoolbags looks like bulging, and it feels like she is almost stretched out, and she walks quickly, her eyes do not look at other people, unlike the general expression and posture of school children. So we call her over, Asked her to put the schoolbag into the X -ray machine for inspection. The imaging of the X -ray machine shows that the schoolbags are all pale yellow pipes. "

Customs officers were checked for inspection and found 6 plastic bags wrapped in tapes. Each package was written with the word ‘letter’. It was initially judged that the wrap was a human blood sample test tube.Luohu Customs is intercepted by this batch of items in accordance with the "Regulations on the Management of Special Items of Entry -Exit Art Items". It is confirmed by identification that it is a blood sample of pregnant women.

Each test tube is simply packaged with a transparent plastic bag. The label of the tube sticker indicates the name of the collector, and it is accompanied by a traditional Chinese character "Maternal Blood Y chromaton gene test application form".Specific information such as the year of birth, the length of the buds, the number of pregnancy weeks, the blood collection date, and the number of pregnancy tires. The test tube capacity is 10 ml, a total of 142.This is the case of Luohu Customs that has seized the largest number of violations in the past two years.

Chen Qiming, deputy chief of the three subjects of Luohu Customs Travel Inspection, introduced that girls with these blood samples were only 12 years old: "Our expectations, she showed the calmness beyond this age, and did not show fear, panic, panic, panicThe other. She said that she was commissioned by others. After bringing these items to leave the country, it was given to an uncle to get the labor fee. Their labor costs are generally ranging from dozens to hundreds of yuan."

Some organizations seduce students to Hong Kong school children to smuggle items to cover people’s eyes,

Customs has adjusted strategies for this situation

Cross -border school children who live in Shenzhen like this and go to school every day to school in Hong Kong have exceeded 30,000 in 2017.Some organizations are looking at these students in the two places frequently, and their identities are not easy to cause suspicion, causing some of them to bring smuggling items to pass.

In the movie "Spring", female students help parallelists bring their mobile phones from Hong Kong to Shenzhen.Chen Qiming, deputy chief of the three subjects of Luohu Customs Travel Inspection, introduced that in addition to looking for specific groups, parallelists will also study the working laws of customs officers and hope to avoid inspections, and customs will adjust their strategies at any time to respond.

Chen Qiming: "There will be such a situation before, but we will immediately adjust the time of the handover class after we discover it. We will also adopt the proportion of customs officers in the customs in some periods.High -risk personnel prompted by the system also have key periods, such as the peak period of passenger flow, or the time of the handover, the time of the opening of the port, and the time of this key period also strengthened positive supervision. "

Luohu Customs said that special items such as human blood and blood products may have infectious diseases, which can easily cause cross -border transmission of infectious diseases.Even if it is carried out of legal medical purposes and mails human blood and blood products in and out of the country, it is necessary to go through the approval procedures for special entry and exit special items in advance.Even if illegal carriers are disguised, they will be seen.

Customs said that customs staff are very experienced, and some people may look normal in others, but the customs staff can accurately know that someone may have a tied to hide, and someone may carry currency or other high heights.Value items, such as hiding in strollers, wheelchairs, and the objects in the umbrella, they can’t escape the eyes of the officers.

"Pregnant Women’s Blood Sample" identification of gender accuracy deposit disputes

Organizers will be investigated for criminal responsibility

Chen Qiming introduced that Luohu Customs criticized and educated the girl involved in the incident, and also informed her guardians to assist in the investigation.Customs also cooperate with schools and other institutions to carry out publicity and education to prevent students from participating in similar illegal activities and affecting physical and mental health.

Because mainland China does not allow fetal gender identification, in recent years, intermediary tissue has brought the blood samples of pregnant women to Hong Kong for testing. Whether the Y-chromosomes exist to analyze the gender of the fetus.According to the Chinese referee, there have been similar cases since 2016, Zhejiang, Fujian and other places, and some pregnant women selectively induced labor after obtaining the identification results.The judgment shows that each person’s test fee ranges from 3,500 yuan-5,000 yuan. The organizers are convicted of illegal medical treatment. The highest sentence period is one year and two months, and fines are punished.

The accuracy of this "gender identification" is also controversial. In the case reported by the media, female reporters who are not pregnant have been tested with female fetuses.male.

Source: Voice of China "News"

Reporter: Bai Jiego, Zheng Zhuzi

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