Why is there no milk? Is it because there is no milk?Most of them are because the method is useless

Hi everyone, I’m lazy mother, I’m here again!

When I went to pick up the baby today, I talked with a few mothers to talk about the problem of breast milk again. One of the treasure moms said that Erbao was only three months old, and it may be because she was born with less milk.Milk and milk are not much. Recently, the baby always wants to eat milk. As long as the baby is in his hand, he is either eating milk or looking for milk. Just after the child is from school, everyone will disperse.

In fact, when he heard this, the lazy mother thought that there was someone who asked before, "Is anyone born with less milk?" Since someone asks, let’s talk about it.

Are there really few people who are born with less milk?

There are actually few people who are born with less milk, but there are relatively few people, mainly related to physical fitness.

So why do some people have more milk, and some people have less milk?

1 First is the effect of hormone level

First understand how breast milk is secreted:

In fact, in order to be able to breastfeed the baby, the mother has been preparing since pregnancy.

From the development of breast cells in early pregnancy to in the middle and late pregnancy, a small amount of milk can be secreted. Until the birth of the baby, room R has experienced bigger, tingling, and pain, which is related to prolactin.

Lortin, when I hear the name, I know that it is connected with breast milk. Indeed, the breastmaker can secrete milk by the transformation of the corridin level.

Because prolactin is responsible for production and secretion of milk.

Women’s bodies usually secrete prolactin, which will rise after pregnancy, and it is more obvious after late pregnancy, but because during pregnancy, it is still dominated by progesterone and estrogen, which inhibits excessive secretion of prolactin secretion.Essence

This situation will be maintained until the baby is born.

After the baby is born, it should be exactly the moment when the placenta leaves the mother’s body, oxytocin and prolactin can be separated from the suppression of progesterone and estrogen, the secretion volume rises rapidly, and it is prepared at any time.

When the baby is born, the baby’s milk will stimulate the secretion of the coox and prolactin. The prolactin will further stimulate the breast cell secretion and store it in the prostate cells, while oxytocin plays an emission role.The milk will be discharged from the mouth (that is, the R head) of the breast.

Therefore, the amount of milk depends on the level of prolactin levels, and the secretion of prolactin secretion has more milk. On the contrary, the prolactin secretes less milk.

2 Secondly, the physique of breasts

The production of breast milk is inseparable from qi and blood, because blood will provide nutrients to generate breast milk. When the mother is healthy and sufficient qi and blood, there are more nutrients that can be provided, and milk will be relatively sufficient.

On the contrary, if the mother is weak and weak, there is still excess nutrition to generate breast milk, and the milk will be relatively insufficient.

3 Mom’s mood is affected

Moms’ emotional changes or excessive fatigue can easily affect the secretion of hormones. If the mother is in a bad mood and tired, it will affect the secretion of oxytocin and prolactin, which will cause milk return.

If the mother is in a happy mood and rests well, the hormones are secreted normally, and there will be more milk.

4 The impact of feeding posture

When feeding the baby, incorrect breastfeeding posture will affect the baby’s stimulus to room R, which cannot stimulate the secretion of breast milk.

5 diet impact

The mother’s diet also has a certain impact on the secretion of milk.

Mother’s drinking water is insufficient or some foods that have been eaten will cause less milk, such as beans, malt, hawthorn, etc.

Look, there are still many factors that can affect the secretion of milk.

Therefore, there is no milk in how to urge it, not because there is no less milk, most of them are because the method is useless.

How to correct milk?

① Continuous stimulation of prolactin secretion

As mentioned above, the baby can stimulate the pituitary gland to release oxytocin and prolactin when eating milk, so if you want to continuously stimulate the secretion of prolactin, the best way is to let your baby eat more.

This is why everyone says that the more and more milk is.

Of course, the baby eats one more, and the time is right.

The prolactin will be secreted more vigorously at night, especially at 3 to 5 in the morning, so it is also cooked milk.

② Increase the nutrition of breasts

The generation of milk requires blood to provide nutrition, which requires mothers to increase her nutrition.

Eat more foods rich in protein and various other nutrients, such as fish, meat, eggs, milk, etc. to enhance physical fitness and supplement qi and blood, so as to have more nutrition to generate breast milk.

After increasing your body nutrition, you can eat some foods that can increase breast milk, such as catfish tofu soup, loofah egg soup, peanut trotter soup, etc.

In addition to those mentioned above, mothers can also consider the five red soups, which are simple and effective. In fact, they are stewed with five kinds of foods of brown sugar, red peanuts, wolfberry, red beans, and red dates.

In this way, you can add milk while supplementing nutrition.

③ Keep a pleasant mood

Angry will return to milk. For your baby’s rations to ensure your pleasant mood, this can ensure the normal secretion of hormones.

Pay attention to rest. If you are too tired, you will be irritable and affect the secretion of breast milk.

④ correct feeding

If you want more milk, it must be feeding.

Including: milk as soon as possible: the faster the milk is, the better the milk, the earlier the milk can promote the milk earlier.Heat compresses before feeding: hot compresses before feeding can promote local blood circulation and increase breast milk secretion.Keep the correct connection posture: When feeding, let the baby’s chin close to the mother’s chest to ensure that the baby’s all R halo in the mouth, which truly stimulates the R room.Make sure that the milk path is smooth: it is useless to use the milk when it is blocked. If the baby can’t eat it, it is better to keep the milk road unobstructed.

Babies from one to two months are generally fed on demand. After three or four months, babies should gradually be changed to feed on time, but if the milk is indeed relatively small, don’t be too attached to feed on time.

⑤ Drink plenty of water

Most of the ingredients of milk are water, so if you want more milk, you still have to drink plenty of water, but it is not limited to water, such as juice, milk, soy milk and other liquids.

Especially in summer, sweating more, at this time, you must replenish water in time.

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