Why is there no stretch marks for pregnancy, but the child is born?People who come here talk about their own experience

When I was pregnant, my girlfriend told me that applying pregnancy cream should not only look at the abdomen, as well as around the crotch, on both sides of the waist, back, etc. These places must be applied, otherwise you will know after giving birth.

Indeed, there is no stretch marks during pregnancy, but the baby is born.This situation is not uncommon, at least there are such examples around me.In fact, it has a lot to do with too little exercise in postpartum exercise and eating habits.

There is no stretch marks during pregnancy, and the child is born. Why?

A mother said that when she was pregnant, she had not found long stretch marks and felt lucky.But after the baby was discharged from the hospital, he found that he had stretch marks.What has happened here?As a person over, I think it may be caused by the following reasons.

1. During pregnancy, the stomach is large and you can’t see all.

As the abdomen of pregnancy continues to bulge, the pregnant mother’s belly bowed her head, and she may not see the toes.In this way, even if you look in the mirror, you can’t see the specific situation of the abdomen.Some pregnant mothers thought that she did not open her stretch marks, but after the baby was born, the belly was relaxed and the stretch marks hidden under the big belly were exposed.

2. Stretch marks are not only on the belly, but also on the legs and waist.

Some mothers feel that they have been preventing stretch marks on the belly, applying pregnancy creams or massage every day, but ignore the sides of the thigh roots and waist.Throughout pregnancy, these places are constantly growing. After giving birth, stretch marks appeared on the waist and legs.

Another mother said that she had no stretch marks for 7 months, and she insisted on applying olive oil every day.As a result, in the eighth month of pregnancy, she did not wipe, the thigh roots and waist all appeared on a few stretch marks.Therefore, not only the stomach needs care, other parts of the body, but also take care of it.

Why do you have stretch marks after giving birth?

Stretch marks focus on prevention. Even after giving birth, it can only gradually subspeges and cannot be completely eliminated.Several time periods with higher probability of stretch marks are:

From April to May; one month before giving birth; within 2 months after delivery.

There are no stretch marks throughout pregnancy, and may also appear after giving birth, especially during confinement, due to the increase in diet (in order to replenish physical strength, cultivate the body), and the decline in exercise.In a few pounds, this is also the main reason for postpartum stretch marks.

If you stick to it during pregnancy, it may not be completely eliminated.The emergence of stretch marks has a lot to do with personal constitution and inheritance.Some women are relatively strong before pregnancy. They have increased weight during pregnancy, breaking the elastic fiber of the skin, and stretch marks appear.

In genetic issues, if your family women have stretch marks after pregnancy, the probability of your stretch marks will increase.Despite this, we still have to prevent prevention, especially mothers who insist on breastfeeding after childbirth, control the diet, avoid overeating, lead to too fast weight growth, break the skin fiber layer, causing stretch marks.

How to prevent stretch marks?

If you have a small belly before pregnancy, there is a little meat, so that even if the belly is enlarged after pregnancy, there will generally not be stretch marks. If the lower abdomen is relatively firm, stretch marks are prone to appear after pregnancy.

Try to control weight during pregnancy and not skyrocket.Excessive weight growth during pregnancy can easily lead to stretch marks in fiber movement.After 20 weeks of pregnancy, the weight increase of about 400 grams per week, and the weight growth of the entire pregnancy is appropriate to 12.5kg.

During pregnancy, we must also adhere to a certain amount of exercise to maintain the flexibility of the skin and the physical fitness at the middle and upper levels.For example, aerobic exercise such as walking, yoga, gymnastics, and useful during pregnancy can continue to be carried out, with low strength and little impact on the fetus.

Several small methods

1. Drink water correctly.Try to drink water as small as possible, so it is not easy to cause water retention and cause edema.If there is constipation, you can add a little salt to the water to stimulate the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal and intestines and help to defecate.

2. Reduce abdominal pressure.Excessive abdominal pressure after pregnancy will cause skin elastic fiber to break.After 3 months of pregnancy, it is recommended to wear pregnant women’s pants to reduce abdominal pressure.And according to the increase of the pregnancy weeks, adjust the size or loosening of the pregnant women’s pants.

3. Adjust the diet structure.Try to eat less sweets, salty and fried food.You can eat more fiber -rich vegetables and fruits. Well, eat more foods rich in collagen. Before going to bed and after getting up, drink abandoned milk to increase the permeability of the cell membrane and the metabolism of the skin.

4. Use moist cream.After three months of pregnancy, you often apply moisturizing creams in the abdomen, such as moisturizing, olive oil, massage cream, etc., try to choose a mild and non -irritating cream.

TIPS: After taking a bath or before going to bed, apply a massage cream, massage according to top to bottom, from left to right, about 5-10 minutes each time.

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When taking a bath every night, we will carefully wipe according to the amount and method recommended by the counter.Method: Take a shower and keep your body moist in the stomach, chest, waist, hip, thigh roots (as long as you are fatter) to apply blending oil.In the third trimester.After applying the oil, use the water that is cooler than the bathing water before applying it over and over again, just put it in, then dry the body with a bath towel, and apply the frost in the place where the oil is applied.Get it!The important thing is persistence!persist in!persist in!

Parenting Parenting Message:

In short, even if there are no stretch marks during pregnancy, you ca n’t care about it. After giving birth, pay attention to your own diet, develop the habit of eating less and meals, do more exercise, exercise your body while increasing skin elasticity and avoid the emergence of stretch marks.

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