Why must I be beaten strictly and must not be reasonable and legalized

Why must you be beaten strictly and must not be reasonable and legalized?

Most of the people who defended the following two excuses: one is that people have the right to control their bodies freely, and sex is a natural choice.The squeezing and the crushing of the pimped, the scenery of these words, but the smell behind them, they deliberately pretended not to know.After reasonable and legal, women will face more serious disasters.

Once any group of people is legal and materialized, it will bring the loss of the entire group. The physical group will be stared at by speculators and becomes a treasure that can be sold.This is still the case, and in the case of illegal situation, women are frequently used as prey. For example, in 2001, 23 criminal gangs with Hu Jian and Geosty Organizations, forced more than 10 girls to prostitution, most of the victims of girls were abducted, or deceived.If you want to escape, you will be beaten when you want to run away. He also repeatedly has a repeatedly attacked to the victim’s girl QJ and gang rapes. When you think that people have the right to control their bodies freely, are they fighting for your benefits?Is the legalization of the prostitutes protecting prostitutes?They are just seeking their own interests. These so -called freedoms and protection are just ashameds that cover some people’s desires and interests. A stronger of a strong person squeezes the weak, and the price of this kind of beast desire and interest is anotherThe danger and disaster of the entire group are not mentioning social consequences for the time being. For prostitutes, prostitution also has huge risks. Dr. Farley, who hosted the "Prostitute Education and Research" project in Auckland, California, was announced at the Beijing World Women’s Conference in 1995As a result, 57%of the prostitutes were investigated, 57%had been sexually assaulted in childhood, 49%were injured by violent, 83%were threatened by weapons, 68%were QJ, and 84%were homeless.In the process of prostitution, many daughter -in -law will suffer the dual humiliation of spirit and body. In this non -respected sex environment, the dignity of many daughters will receive serious tramples.Therefore, prostitutes have become a crowd with a high suicide rate, not only suicide, but also very high risk of killing. Prostitutes often become male abuse objects who have failed in love or marriage. The data shows that in the three years from 1995-1998, only Shenyang was only one in Shenyang.In the ground, more than 90 personalized workers were killed by cruel means, and they showed an upward trend every year. For example, the driver of a mixer chose prostitution girl as a revenge because of the failure of love and killed 14 prostitutes. In 1999, Zhao Lianrong, Shijingshan District, Beijing, I suspect that the eight foreign girls in the neighbor’s co -rental house are sex workers, stabbing all eight girls. This is the most real situation in this group.

Why do many men feel reasonable?

Or they still feel that prostitution has nothing to do with them, so they can satisfy their desires unscrupulously. They have never thought that after the rational and legalization, they were trafficked or forced to go to prostitution for various reasons for poverty.The road of the road may also have their mothers, sisters, children, imagine below, one day you try to talk, and suddenly buy your sister, daughter, and even mother, what do you think, will you collapse, hope to make more more than morePeople set up a clear principle bottom line. Some things are ambiguous and there are gray areas, but some things must not be reasonable and legalized

What kind of treatment did the prostitutes treated before the liberation of New China?

They are called bacon villages, which means a piece of meat that can walk. There is no human rights, no social status, and no personal safety. Even if they are killed by guests, no one will care.

The history of prostitution for thousands of years was finally ended after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. How many people knew the movie "Sisters and Sisters Standing up". They were caught and fought after they fled and found it.If you want to be fainted by Lao Lao’s fainting with the soldering iron, if someone is unfortunate to get pregnant, he will be asked to take medicine and get a fetus. If you fail to succeed, you will be beaten towards his stomach. The key is that many prostitutes are not voluntary, and some are abducted.Some are acquaintances sold, and some are unbearable. How many women are buried behind this movie, how many families are suffering, and how many people know how much the prostitute is paid.

Finally, don’t forget, don’t become bottomless lines.

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