Why, suddenly "stopping tires", these must be known

“”After pregnancy, the fetal stopping is like a nightmare for pregnant women, making them unhappy at night.For the time of fetal stopping, many pregnant women know very much. They always think that they will be safe in the early stages of pregnancy, and there will be no fetal stopping.

In fact, there will be some signals before the fetus is stopped. As a pregnant woman, it is necessary to understand and find it in time in time to ensure the health of the fetus!

Fetal hypoxia suffocation

In the second trimester, the fetal development speed is accelerated, and the free and free activities in the palace are particularly lively.

Their demand for nutrition and oxygen is derived from pregnant women. If pregnant women are unwell and problems, the oxygen supply in the blood will decrease, which will cause hypoxia in the fetus.

The umbilical cord of the fetus is long, and the umbilical cord may occur. Once the neck is too tight, the fetal hypoxia will occur.

Insufficient nutrition

The rapid development of fetal fetuses in the middle of pregnancy and increased nutritional demand. If pregnant women are diet and eclipse, malnutrition may occur, and the fetus will also be malnourished.

Therefore, pregnant women must eat and healthy during pregnancy. Don’t eat partially, let alone eat privately. If you really vomit and really don’t want to eat, then you can buy some bird’s nests. I also spit for five months. I was afraidIf the baby is malnourished, I buy a bird’s nest.Bird’s nest is very good for both babies and pregnant women.

Pregnant women endocrine abnormalities

There are also some pregnant women who do arbitrarily in the second trimester. They live according to their preferences every day. They like to eat some junk foods, overeating, often stay up late, and even smoke and drink. These bad behaviors will not only affect endocrine disorders, but also endanger the health of the fetus health.Development causes the fetus to stop developing.

So those reactions before the fetus stops!

Generally speaking, if pregnant women have these reactions, it may be the "help signal" of the fetus, don’t ignore it!

Abnormal fetal movement

Although the fetal movement of the fetus before 28 weeks of pregnancy and no rhythm, the fetal abnormalities can still be found through fetal movement.Generally speaking, fetal movement will become more and more frequent with the increase of pregnancy, but there are limited quantities.

If an hour’s fetal movement is less than 3 times, or the fetal movement is less than 10 times in 12 hours, they all represent problems in the fetus and need to seek medical treatment in time!

If the fetal movement suddenly becomes very frequent, and a little rest, correction of the posture, and the fetal movement may not be alleviated, there may be a hypoxia; if it is suddenly particularly small, it will not even move for a long time.

Irregular fetal heart

The fetal heart in the middle of pregnancy is already very powerful, and pregnant women can use the fetal heart to measure themselves.

Especially when the fetal movement is abnormal, but when you are not sure, you can use the fetal heart to measure the fetal heart rate. If the fetal heart rate is 110-160 times/minute, and it is more regular, then it is okay, don’t worry;If the fetal heart rate is too high or too low, you must seek medical treatment in time.

Pregnant woman severe abdominal pain

During pregnancy, many pregnant women will have abdominal pain. When fertilized eggs in early pregnancy, mild abdomen may occur.These pains are generally normal and will not affect pregnant women and fetuses, but if they are abdominal pain that come in, and it is severe pain, this needs to be paid attention.

Especially with the severe pain of redness, it is likely to be a signal of a threatened abortions or fetal stopping in the middle of pregnancy. Pregnant women must seek medical treatment in time.

There is abnormal amniotic fluid amount

Amniotic fluid is the water of the fetus. It is very important for the fetus. The abnormal amniotic fluid often affects the health of the fetus.For example, the sudden increase in or sudden decrease in amniotic fluid is likely to be a signal of fetal lesions. It needs to be paid attention to

So how do we prevent it!

Healthy diet, laws of life

If you want your fetus health, pregnant women need a good body. This requires pregnant women to develop a healthy life like a healthy diet. Do not overeating. Do not eat too much spicy food. Eat more vegetables and high -quality protein.Exercise in moderation, get up early and get up early, and feel happy.

Periodic check -ups according to the doctor’s requirements

In fact, many times, the fetal stopping has a signal a long time ago, but the pregnant woman did not find it. If it can be regularly checked according to the requirements of the doctor, the chance of discovery will be greatly increased. Early early preservation of the fetus will believe that the fetus will be healthier.

Discontinuation of fetus in the second trimester is not a terrible thing, and it is only a decimal part. As long as you pay more attention to rest, do not overeating.Don’t die because you are afraid of your body.In addition, to maintain a pleasant mood, pregnant women are most important. As long as they are in a good mood, the baby will be happy together.

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