Wife can’t be pregnant, do you want to divorce?

Some time ago, my colleagues and Mr. Sun had eaten together. Mr. Sun had been vomiting with my colleagues: "I have been married to my wife for two or three years. At the beginning, we did not want children to disturb us, and the burden of raising children was really big.

Unexpectedly, we did not contraception a year later, and the same room was very regular, but my wife still couldn’t be pregnant. It has been urged by the family now. Those relatives are also very broken.I don’t want to deal with them."

Speaking of emotional excitement, Mr. Sun even let go of his wife to divorce his wife.

He was so scared that his colleagues quickly stopped, so as not to take a moment of mouth at home and hurt the couple.

Colleagues advised Mr. Sun: "You see that our three -child era is coming. Many people discuss the problem of being born in that hot world. In fact, there are many problems that husband and wife can be born smoothly.

The infertility rate of couples in our country is about 12%-18%, which means that there are infertility in about five to eight couples."

Mr. Sun: "There are so many people!"

Colleagues: "Yes, the infertility rate is now rising. You must know that this ratio in 1995 is only about 3%.

Nowadays, people are under pressure, environmental pollution, bad living habits, smoking and drinking, childbirth age, etc. have all affect infertility.

So you do n’t have to give yourself too much psychological pressure, go to the hospital for inspection, and apply the right medicine."

Mr. Sun: "Oh, then I will ask my wife to go to the hospital for an examination to see what is going on. Just now I just have a mouth gun and let you see the joke."

Colleagues: "Wait a minute, infertility may be the reason for the woman, or the reason for the man. Maybe the soil of others is fertile, do you have any problems with your seeds?You go to check first, if there is no problem, then let your wife check it. "

Mr. Sun: "What do you mean, want to say it is my question?"

Colleagues: "Don’t be excited. Clinical cases show that infertility male factors are about three -tenths, and female factors are about six tenth, and other factors are about one -tenth."

Mr. Sun: "Yeah, the woman is twice as many men. The possibility of my wife is more likely to have a problem than me. Does my wife check that I can not spend less money? Do you deliberately want to pit me?Go to the hospital to spend money, what do we have to pay, but I don’t have this! "

Colleagues can’t cry and laugh: "You really think too much, do you really have so tense doctor -patient relationships? I suggest you check it first, it is precisely for your husband and wife’s body and money."

Mr. Sun: "No, why do you consider money for us?"

Colleagues: "Don’t worry first, listen to me to analyze with you.

First of all, compared to female inspections, our men have few inspection projects. Look at the development of raw ZHI organs. Check that the Xing function is normal. Look at the quality of our Mi Qingzi, save time and effort and money.

There are more money."

Colleagues: "In addition, some women’s examinations will have some pain, such as fallopian tubes, or even trauma, such as laparoscopy. Compared with, is it more convenient for our men to get Mi Qingzi, and your wife can still be less.Crime. "

Colleagues: "And I still say that, don’t be so great of your psychological pressure!

Whether it is successful to be able to give birth to a child is a common problem now. For example, the survey of the Chinese Society of Reproductive Medicine found that the quality of the rice green liquid of healthy men in my country has declined in ten years.

So this question is not only encountered by your couple, maybe someone among your relatives will encounter it in the future?

And social pressure and psychological factors, such as nervousness and anxiety affect this pregnancy.For example, some people have no problem, but because of various reasons, they are always nervous. They are afraid that their own intercourse is not good or the family is tight.I have also seen it.

We must be open for modern people."

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