Will "cervical erosion" affect pregnancy?

"Cervical erosion" is now known as cervical cylindrical epithelium, which is related to estrogen changes. Therefore, it is more common in women with strong ovarian dysfunction.We all know that "cervical erosion" is no longer a disease, but many women are still worried whether it will affect the health of the fetus or affect the conception if encountering "cervical erosion" during pregnancy.

In fact, "cervical erosion" is mostly a physiological phenomenon. There is no need to treat. Only when leucorrhea increases, inflammation occurs, that is, it is necessary to treat it when cervicitis.

Clinically, "cervical erosion" is divided into light (Ⅰ) and medium (Ⅱ, weight (Ⅲ) three degrees according to the area of the erosion surface.

Ⅰ Cervical erosion means that the erosion area is less than 1/3 of the entire cervical area, and it is also called mild cervical erosion.

The cervical erosion of the Ⅱ degree refers to those who have a erosion area of 1/3 ~ 2/3 of the cervical area, also known as moderate cervical erosion.

III degree of cervical erosion refers to those with cervical erosion area accounted for more than 2/3 of the entire cervical area, also known as severe cervical erosion.

Under normal circumstances, the light erosion of cervix has little effect on normal pregnancy, but the moderate and severe "cervical erosion" may affect pregnancy.Because during the moderate and severe "cervical erosion", the cervical secretions will increase significantly, the texture is thick, and there are a large amount of white blood cells, which can swallow sperm, which will affect the sperm activity, hinder the sperm into the uterine cavity, and affect the conception.Cervical mucus contains more white blood cells, and the pH value of mucus is alkaline.When the sperm passes through the cervix, not only the inflammation of the cervix will affect the vitality of the sperm, the sticky secretions can hardly make the sperm pass.sperm.In addition, some patients have endocrine dysfunction, which increase their difficulties in pregnancy.

Therefore, if the symptoms of "cervical erosion" have symptoms, we must pay attention to treatment.But if it is simply, the physiological "erosion" is too nervous.

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