Will anesthesia affect the baby during painless delivery?There is an answer here!

As we all know, the pain level of childbirth is the highest level of twelve, and it is said that women have children away at the ghost door.But with the development of technology, the emergence of painless delivery has become the gospel of women.Let’s take a look at painless delivery today.

Painless delivery, also known as childbirth analgesic, refers to the use of scientific methods to reduce pain and even disappear when giving birth.Painless delivery originated from Europe and the United States, and has a history of more than 100 years. Now it is very common in foreign application. The painless childbirth rate in the United States has even exceeded 85%.

Many people now think that painless delivery is due to anesthesia, and worrying about the impact of anesthesia agents on newborns.In fact, the painless delivery is now analgesic analgesic in the spinal canal. This method is not anesthesia for the entire production process. The dose is only equivalent to 1/5 or even 1/10 of the cesarean section.And do not harm the fetus.

First of all, painless delivery has a very intuitive benefit for pregnant women. The pain during childbirth has greatly reduced the pain during childbirth, so that pregnant women will psychologically reduce fear and avoid fatigue due to excessive pain in postpartum.

Secondly, due to the low concentration of anesthesia used for painless delivery, it almost does not affect the maternal movement function, which allows pregnant women to autonomously perform activities and fertility and help pregnant women give birth naturally.Normal painless delivery can be performed in the delivery room. There is no need to perform surgery, recovery is also fast, and it is more beneficial to newborns.

It can be seen that painless delivery is a medical progress worthy of vigorously promoting and is very practical. However, if you want to take painless delivery, pregnant mothers must have the conditions to take natural delivery.Or there are abnormal fetal positions, umbilical cord around the neck, etc. For the sake of mother and child, it is best to use cesarean section.If the pregnant mother wants to give birth normally, she can give birth normally, and pay attention to these aspects during pregnancy.

1. Moderate nutritional supplement

Some pregnant mothers will supplement nutrition madly after pregnancy, for fear that the baby is hungry. Before giving birth, he found that the baby’s body is too large and cannot give birth.For pregnant mothers who want to give natural delivery, remember to be moderate nutrition, balanced and comprehensive, mother powder is a good supplement.

2. The body moves during pregnancy

When exercising the body, not only the body’s metabolism will increase faster, but the blood will also accelerate the circulation, which will also help supply oxygen to the baby. The physical fitness of the pregnant mother can be naturally improved naturally.EssenceSome exercise, such as pregnant women yoga, also help the correction of fetal position.

3. The sleeping posture should be correct

Pregnant mothers adopt a sleeping position on the left side in the middle and late pregnancy, which can effectively avoid the left rotation of the uterus, reduce the risk of the baby’s umbilical cord around the neck, and reduce the compression of the uterus to the blood vessels.EssenceIf the pregnant mother wants to maintain the correct sleeping position, she can use pregnant women’s pillows.

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