Will breast nodules or lumps affect pregnancy?Won’t!Will it become cancer?rare!

During the pregnancy, I found that there are small nodules or masses in the breast. What should I do?First, will it affect pregnancy?Many patients are more tangled, will pregnancy make it cancer?Is this sub -nodule be cut and when to cut.After cutting, does it affect breastfeeding.Today, Wu Kejin, director of the Department of Breast Department of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, solved the confusion of many people at this point.

Breast nodules will not affect pregnancy

What is pre -pregnancy nodule?As the name implies, that is, during the pregnancy, you find that there is a small nodule or a lump in the breast.First of all, do we look at, will such a small nodule affect your pregnancy?

In our case, breast nodules will not affect your pregnancy.According to the current online language, it does not carry this pot.It really affects pregnancy, or your ovarian function. The situation of the fallopian tube, including the man’s sperm quality.Breast nodules and this are not affected.

Instead, during the process of pregnancy, some hormones change have some impact on the nodules of the breast.But if this patient is a very, very anxious patient, very, very easy to be nervous.You are very concerned about the breast nodule. If you are tangled, your nervousness may lead to your infertility.So sometimes it is important to maintain a very good mentality.

Will it affect breastfeeding when encountering breast nodules before pregnancy?

The amount of your milk is determined by your individual. Everyone’s situation is different. It is different.But as long as your big breast ducts on the deep surface of your nipple, whether you are puncture or surgery, are not completely destroyed, you can breastfeed normally.And it has no effect on the quality of milk, almost no effect.

Will it become cancer?rarely seen

Let’s look at the second most critical, or the question that patients ask the most, will it become cancer?rarely seen.We also know that most breast nodules are hormone -dependent, changes in estrogen hormone in the body, or the imbalance of estrogen hormones may stimulate the growth and change of these sub -nodules.But we also know that bigger is not necessarily bad, we must have such a concept.

During pregnancy, for women, when you are pregnant, your breasts develop for the second time.At this time, your blood supply is very rich, and then, the blood supply of your breast nodules will also be rich.At this time, it makes it difficult for doctors to diagnose nodule diagnosis.In other words, how your nodules are, it is malignant, it turned out to be malignant, not because you were pregnant to turn it into a malignant nodule.We need to be very clear about such a concept.

Doctors will pay more attention to breast lump without symptoms

Many patients have unintentionally discovered the breast nodules. In fact, our doctors pay more attention to those masks without symptoms, which is more interested in our doctors.A lump without symptoms refers to the lumps found in clinical medical examinations of those doctors, or they have been discovered by imaging examinations.This image includes color Doppler, molybdenum targets, and magnetic resonance, which confirmed.Those nodules are lesions that disappear without time.These lesions actually include benign and malignant.Generally, as a summary, the diameter is relatively small. It is called nodules and is easy to touch. Those with large diameter are often called a mass.But this has no absolute boundary.

Wu Kejin: Affiliated to Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University

Chief physician, professor, doctoral supervisor of breast department

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