Will cysts affect pregnancy before pregnancy?Suggestion of doctors of Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Songjiang District →

Was the gynecological examination before pregnancy found that there are cysts, will it affect pregnancy?Doctors of the Maternal Maternal and Child Health Hospital suggested that during the pregnancy, if there are cysts, gynecologists need to be identified. If necessary, further examination should be checked, and even surgery is needed after surgery.

The doctor of the district maternal and child health hospital introduced that the common cysts of female reproductive systems in childcare age include vycum cysts, vestibular gland cysts, vaginal wall cysts, cervical Na Shi cysts, tubal cysts, fallopian tube membrane cysts, ovarian cysts, and pelvic inflammatory wrap propertiesBonds formed by cysts and endometriosis.Most of these cysts can be identified in conjunction with gynecological examinations and imaging examinations (such as B -ultrasound, CT or MRI).

Out -vaginal cysts, vaginal wall small cysts or vestibular gland cysts generally have little impact on pregnancy. Unless anti -inflammatory treatment is required in the acute period of inflammation, small surgical treatment is required if necessary.Cervical Na’s cyst is a change for cervical tissue formed by the cervix after inflammation. Because the liquid in the cervical glands cannot be discharged, cysts are formed after a certain period of time, and there is no special treatment or conception.

The cysts located in the pelvic cavity have physiological cysts and pathological cysts.Physiological cysts refer to cysts that appear or fade with the changes in menstrual cycle. They are affected by endocrine hormones. Generally, they will subscribe after menstruation, such as follicular cysts or luteum cysts.Ovarian biological cysts generally have no obvious symptoms, and the cysts are small. After two or three menstruation, they will subscribe by themselves. Therefore, they will seek medical treatment in time after menstruation.Pathological cysts refer to cysts formed by cysts formed by pelvic diseases, such as fallopian tubes caused by inflammatory infections, pelvic inflammatory adhesion, cysts formed; endometriosis in endochemical cysts, common ovarian chocolate cysts; genetic factors; genetic factorsCyclical cysts, such as ovarian teratoma.Others include ovarian skin -like cysts.

Pathological cysts have different symptoms according to the size of the cyst, such as abdominal pain, abdominal distension, and compression.Depending on the growth site, the impact on conception is also different.The cyst growing on the ovaries can affect the development and ovulation of the follicles.Volunteal water accumulation can easily cause changes in the morphology of the fallopian tube. For example, the tubal umbrella end of the tube umbrella and the blocked fallopian tube can cause primary or secondary infertility, and even ectopic pregnancy.Some ovarian cysts will also grow excessively due to the rise in pregnancy hormone levels. The cyst reversal or even ruptured during pregnancy will cause drama pain, miscarriage or premature birth.

Text: Li Tianwei Correspondent Wang Hui

Photo: Provided by the interviewed unit

Edit: Wang Hongxia Zhang Youming

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