Will dysmenorrhea affect pregnancy to have children?Listen to what the doctor says, many people do not know the truth

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Many women around them are tortured by dysmenorrhea. In the few days of each month, they are always tortured and unpredictable. The dysmenorrhea is so uncomfortable, so some people have doubts. If the dysmenorrhea is serious, it will affect pregnancy or notWill it cause premature birth and difficulty in the second trimester?Today we will talk about whether the dysmenorrhea will affect the topic of pregnancy.

Will dysmenorrhea affect conception?

Dysmenorrhea is mainly divided into two categories, one is primary dysmenorrhea. If it belongs to this type, it will not only affect normal pregnancy, but the symptoms of dysmenorrhea will be reduced or disappeared after giving birth.This type of dysmenorrhea generally appears in adolescent girls, unmarried, or married women who have no children. They are also the most common in life.

The other is secondary dysmenorrhea. This kind of dysmenorrhea is mostly caused by reproductive organs. If it belongs to this kind of dysmenorrhea, it will easily cause infertility. However, this type of dysmenorrhea is small, and generally speakingMany women suffer from this type. In addition, women of special occupations, such as athletes and dancers, are more common.

How to relieve dysmenorrhea?

Pay attention to nutrition and diet should be balanced: some women do not pay attention to their diet. In order to keep their bodies, they often do not eat on time, even dieting, and often eat spicy or cold and irritating foods.More.If you belong to this category, you must pay attention to the reasonable diet, you can eat less and eat less, but nutrition must keep up, and spicy and cold foods should be eaten less.For a period of conditioning in diet, dysmenorrhea will be greatly improved.

Menstrual fasting coffee, cola, etc.: Women with dysmenorrhea must pay attention to the menstrual period, prohibiting consumption of some caffeine -containing foods, common ones such as strong tea, cola, coffee, chocolate, etc. These foods can stimulate the nerves and easily make people excessive excessive excessive excessive excessive excessiveTension, many times, anxiety and nervousness are the root causes of dysmenorrhea, which cannot be careless at this point.

Menstrual ban: women who drink alcohol during menstruation will not only make the dysmenorrhea more serious, but also indirectly affect the secretion of estrogen in the body and disturb the normal menstrual cycle. Therefore, alcohol must be banned during menstruation.The body is your own. There is dysmenorrhea that originally means that your physical fitness is not very good. If you don’t pay attention to some unhealthy eating habits, dysmenorrhea will only become more and more serious.

Pay attention to warmth during menstruation: women with dysmenorrhea must pay attention to the warmth of menstruation. The body is warm enough to promote blood circulation, which can reduce pain to a certain extent. On the other handThis can be appropriately reduced pain.Therefore, women with dysmenorrhea must pay attention to keep warm, wear more clothes, or drink more hot water.

Have you been tortured by dysmenorrhea?If your answer is yes, the suggestions mentioned above should be valued.


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