Will female vaginitis affect pregnancy?What are the effects of vaginitis?

A few months ago, an outpatient clinic was admitted to a woman about 30 years old. The patient had no contraception or not pregnant for more than a year. There was no problem with the couple who had a series of inspections.EssenceAsked if there is any discomfort, the woman has no other discomfort except that there are occasional itching except for the vulva. Then the gynecological examination is carried out. Seeing the amount of secretions, yellow yellow, and odor. Test examination tips for testing is a bacterial vaginitis.This infertility has a lot to do with bacterial vaginitis.Why do simple vulvar itching cause infertility?

This has something to do with the environment in the vagina. Everyone knows that if you want to get pregnant, you need to participate in egg cells and sperm, and sperm enters from the vagina. After passing through the cervix, you reach the uterine cavity.The cilia swing helps to go to bed in the uterine cavity under the help, so that the conception is successful.Normal women will have transparent brushed secretions during ovulation, which can help sperm swim forward to the uterine cavity and help conceive.

If there is vaginitis, it will cause changes in the environment in the vagina, affect the speed of sperm movement forward, and even hinder the sperm forward, which will affect the acid -base balance in the vaginal environment and reduce the survival rate of sperm.It affects conception.If vaginitis is not treated in time, it may cause inflammation of the fallopian tube. This is the cause of the more common cause of women’s infertility. It will also increase the chance of ectopic pregnancy.Health causes a great threat, so if the abnormality of the secretion is found to be visited in time, it is treated regularly.

After a weekly treatment for the couple, he was instructed to stop the diagnosis after a week of discontinuation. The symptoms of the vulvar itching of the vulva have disappeared during the retraction.The sampling of abnormal cells such as leukocytes is not seen for samples.He was instructed to go home to calculate the ovulation period for conception. Yesterday, the clinic came to sue for more than 40 days. The color Doppler ultrasound test found that 2.3 cm of pregnancy can be seen in the uterine cavity.

Therefore, female friends should not underestimate vaginitis. Although it is a relatively common gynecological disease, it will bring great threats to women’s bodies if not treated.During the abnormal treatment in time.

(The drawings in the text are all data maps, for reference only)

(Author: Bilowen, Master of Medicine)

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