Will sexual life cause abortion during pregnancy?

Domestic in China may be influenced by traditional thoughts, and few people will ask doctors to consult a sexual life during pregnancy. It seems that sexual life during pregnancy is a matter of justice.

In fact, don’t say that in the country, even in the West, people who take the initiative to ask doctors will not exceed 20%. It seems that people in the world can avoid the problems of sexual life during pregnancy.

So can you live sex during pregnancy?What do you think?

Let’s talk about this problem to us below.

Sexual desire during pregnancy will change

According to medical literature, most women’s sexual desires will decline during pregnancy, and Chinese women’s sexual desire declines is more obvious than Western women.

Studies on Western women show that about 60% of women’s sexual desire decreased significantly during pregnancy, and about 30% of women have not changed much; and research on Chinese women, currently only data in Hong Kong, more than 70% of women’s sexual desire during pregnancy decreased.In addition, the other 25% has not changed much.

This shows that from the perspective of women, most people have a decline in demand for sex after pregnancy.

In terms of men, more than 40% of Chinese men have decreased sexual desire after their wives are pregnant, indicating that men also cooperate.

Therefore, many times, it may not be impossible, but people do not want to at all.

Can I live sex during pregnancy?

As for whether you can have sex during pregnancy, it rarely involves this aspect in domestic textbooks, but foreign textbooks are clearly written:

1. Will sex during pregnancy cause abortion?


Although many people have such concerns, in general, early abortion is mainly related to chromosomal abnormalities and poor embryo development, and it doesn’t matter what you do and nothing.

2. Will sex during pregnancy hurt the fetus?


The fetus is protected by amniotic fluid and thick uterine muscle layers, and sexual life will not cause harm to TA.

3. Does orgasm cause premature birth?


Although the orgasm can cause uterine contraction, it is mainly the contraction of the vagina and anal sphincter, and only lasts for several seconds, so it is not enough to cause premature birth.

If you are a healthy pregnant woman, there is no high -risk factors for various pregnancy, then there is no restriction of normal sexual life during pregnancy.

Foreigners are indeed more open than Chinese!However, they are also based on such a conclusion.The statistical results of studying for nearly 30 years have no evidence that the sexual life of healthy pregnant women during pregnancy will increase the consequences of bad pregnancy.

What are the cases of sexual life during pregnancy?

Although most women can enjoy sexual life normally during pregnancy, if there are the following situations, try to avoid sexual life:

There was a history of premature birth;

Vaginal bleeding with unknown causes;

The fetal membrane breaks early, that is, the fetal membrane wrapped in the fetus and amniotic fluid breaks up early;

The cervical function is incomplete, that is, the cervix is prematurely open, the fetal weight increases in the middle and late pregnancy, and the cervical expansion occurs without abdominal pain.

The front placenta, that is, part of the placenta or completely cover the cervix;

Multi -fetal pregnancy;

Other high -risk factors, such as sexually transmitting diseases, etc.

Here we should emphasize the word "health".If there are high -risk factors mentioned above, they should avoid sexual life, and the use of condoms in sexual life can reduce the risk of mothers’ infection diseases.

Looking at the harmless statement during pregnancy, it may touch some traditional bottom lines of "deep bone marrow", which will inevitably make it difficult for some people to accept.In order to avoid possible misunderstandings, one more says:

Sexual life is harmless during pregnancy. It does not mean that encouraging sexual life during pregnancy, but just to say that healthy pregnant women do not limit normal sexual life.Moms can also pay attention to our public account, reply to the keywords of "same hospital" or "same month" to join the Baoma group, and the Bao mothers who listen to it.

Finally, I emphasize the problem of "normal sex life".Too frequent sexual life may change the vaginal environment, leading to a decrease in disease resistance, undergoing genital tract infections, and prone to premature fetal membrane breakthrough.Therefore, some literature also proposes to avoid sexual life in the third trimester.

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