Will smoking cause infertility?List smoking on the four major influences of fertility

Cigarettes contain a large amount of harmful substances. By breathing into the reproductive system, it reduces the quality of sperm and eggs, and may even cause fetal malformations. Let’s take a look at the impact of tootic inflammation on infertility.

1. It will consume follicles

After studying, the menopausal period of smoking is about 4 years earlier than normal women, which means that a large amount of smoking will speed up the loss of follicles and make women lose the most basic fertility.In addition, women’s smoking will also affect the quality of offspring sperm.

2. Delayed fertility

Smoking can cause damage to women’s fertility. Such women’s fertility rates are low and they are pregnant for a long time.In addition, smoking will also increase the chance of natural miscarriage, because the nicotine contained in cigarettes will cause maternal tissue chromosome to mutate, causing fetal malformations or abortion.In addition, cigarettes contain a large amount of carbon monoxide and nicotine to shrink the blood vessels, which enhances its metabolic function, which leads to incomplete placenta function or fetal growth and development.

3. Will induce normal genes to mutations

Sperm production and development are easily damaged by tobacco.Cigarettes will infringe on people’s DNA and genital cell chromosomes, increasing the risk of 21-trisomy syndrome, because the chromosome is not separated during the process of maternal degradation and division. The toxic oxygen free radicals contained in tobacco will promote the DNA complexionGenerate, so that normal genes change.In addition, smoking can also cause damage to reproductive functions, increase the chance of abortion, and even make women menopause.

4. Damage sperm and egg quality

Smoking can cause irreversible damage to men’s sexual function, because smoking can cause arterial blood vessels during smoking, increase the chance of suffering from atherosclerosis, reduce the penis blood pressure index, reduce blood output, and induce impotence.In addition, it will cause damage to the sperm and gland. The harmful substances in cigarettes will cause normal spermocytes to disturb or hinder lymphocytes synthesize DNA, which can easily cause malformation sperm or young sperm.Smoking can also cause a lot of damage to women’s eggs. Harmful substances in cigarettes will be attached on the surface of the egg cells in the uterine. After a long time, it will induce chemical reactions and cause eggs to die.

Kind tips

Cigarettes contain a large amount of harmful substances, especially the toxicity brought by nicotine is the strongest, which will inhibit the secretion of hormones and also kill sperm.In addition, cigarettes can also hinder the combination of sperm and eggs, thereby reducing the ability to conceive.In order to have a healthy next generation, I hope to quit smoking as soon as possible.

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